Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hoboken Train Crash, Chicago Cubs Tie

Today we got yet another Train Wreck, this time in Hoboken New Jersey. 
Hoboken=34, 43, 70
Remember the last big Train wreck was the Chester, PA wreck on 4/3. 
 Isn't it interesting too this comes the same day we get a story about Christie the Gov. of New Jersey helping Trump. Also just 2 days ago we got a story about Bridgegate and Christie. 

Christie said 114 people were injured..

The first ever baseball game was also played on 10/6/1845 in Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Today was also a special day in Baseball as the Cubs tied the Pirates. It was the first tie since 2005. 

I just want to point out the word "Tie"=114 like the amount injured. 
Also "Tie"=34  like the age of the only person to die..
Pirates=34, 88
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Remember the Curse of the Billy Goat happened in the year 45' on 10/6. So exactly 100 years after the 1st ever game of baseball. 
Notice the Cubs also stay on 57 losses. 
World Series=57 
If Cubs finish with 103 wins in the regular season they will also have the chance to win the WS on their 114th game. 
Sixth inning=147=World Series 

The last time there was a tie interestingly enough involved "Houston"=112  and we are going into the 112th WS. 
Also the 2005 WS was the 101st WS. 
It was the year that the Chicago White Sox won for the first time in 88 years. They beat the Houston Astro's. 

Notice that tie was also 114 days before the 101st WS as well. The Astro's got swept.   I also want to point out that the game went to the 7th inning before being called a Tie. In the movie Charlie St. Cloud that is set in 2005 as well, his brother Sam dies in the 7th inning stretch. 

It happened 11 years 91 days ago. (Score tied 1-1?). 
Chicago Cubs=91
First MLB game on 5/4/1871

Today is also 26 days before the WS. 
Cubs still have 101 wins. 
26th prime is 101. 
CNN reports 1 dead more than 100 injured almost all day. 
Philadelphia=101 (From the book of Prophecy). 
Curse on 10/6..."Prophecy"=106

Also remember the Cimarron train derailment earlier this year heading to Chicago. 
Cimarron=46, 91=Chicago Cubs
It had 145 people on board originally reported. 

Chicago, Illinois=145
Cubs in 145th season. 
Haven't won in 108 years.  "One Hunred Forty Five"=108

Cimarron train wreck was 199 days ago. 
46th prime is 199

I'm gonna look more into the this recent train wreck tomorrow, when I get more time. Possibly later tonight though. 

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