Saturday, September 3, 2016

Earthquake in Oklahoma 56 Sam Bradford

So today we get an 5.6 Earthquake in Oklahoma that could be felt clear up to Nebraska and Iowa. 
Zaevion Dobson connection to Les Miles-Bridgewater EArthqukes
It's pretty amazing that last night when I made this video, I even talked about how people might think it's crazy but Earthquakes seem to synced up to events. 

Now today we get the 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma. 

The same day we get the Earthquake, Oklahoma loses 33-23=56. 

Also the same day Sam Bradford goes to Vikings.
Sam Bradford=56
He is a former Oklahoma Sooner, and joining former Oklahoma teammate Adrian Peterson in Minnesota. 

As much as I mention the connections to Philadelphia, whenever I see Adrian Peterson it makes me think of Rocky..
"Yo Adrian". 

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  1. They mentioned this guy while interviewing Bart Houston after Wisconsin beat LSU... Bart Starr more 91/19 71/17 clues