Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5.9 Colombia Earthquake

So we got another Earthquake story today. A 5.9 in Northern Colombia.  
Gotta love how they tell us it's 83 miles away from Medellin. 
Northern Colombia=83
Notice the Closest town it's located to is Mutata.

Also located on 76W. 

Today also a fitting day for an Earthquake as it leaves 109 days in the year. 
Charles Francis Richter=109, 217
Interesting 217 as well in regards to them letting us know about the 4,800 people.   2/17 is the 48th day...A day I've mentioned a lot in regards to Michael Jordan and the NBA. Jordan also connected to Earthquakes and born on 2/17. 
10/9 also the day that leaves 83 days in the year. 

Also today is 9+13+20+16=58
58 and 85 are big earthquake numbers. 
Richter Scale=58
Charles Richter dies age 85 in 1985
Study of Seismology goes back to 585 BCE. 
The Big One=85
Freemasonry=58, 139  and today is also 13/9. 

So we will see what develops if anything. Colombia has been an area of interest with the Miss Universe pageant last year that connects to multiple themes. 

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