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Sam Foltz's brother gets robbed..Law/Judge/Moses Theme-Michael Jordan Earthquakes, Pope Francis-Abe Lincoln-Philadelphia- Sioux Falls SD school Shooting on 9/30/15

Espn has this article today about Thieves stealing from Jordan Foltz while he was away at the Nebraska game yesterday. 
Jordan Foltz is Sam Foltz brother. 
Thieves=34, 43
Remember Sam Foltz died 43 days before the game.  Nebraska won with 43 points. Beating "Fresno State"=43  "Mike Sadler"=43
Champion=43... I have seen this number not connect up to the champion though, but wanted to point it out. Possibly a tribute to the 1971 Championship they have been showing. 

The thieves even take $1,400. 
43 is the 14th prime number. 
Husker Fans=41=Memorial=Blackshirts=Red N=Bob Devaney=Skull and Bones  and a whole lot more. 

Television, Tools=211, 67, 76
Louisiana, Minnesota=211, 76 
Foltz born on 21/1. Dies 211 days after the Foster Farms Bowl. 
Sam Foltz=112  dies 1 month 12 days before Nebraska's first game. 

Jordan Foltz=51, 141
Samuel Foltz=51
Interesting I just posted how the death of Chuck Bednarik and his connections to Frank Gifford are connected. Remember Chuck Bednarik died 141 days before Gifford who died on 8/9 which this year was the 222nd day(Leap). Bednarik died age 89. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Makes a little more sense as to why Gifford for Nebraska got ejected with 2:22 on the clock as well. 

Oklahoma State=141 (Les Miles old team.)
World War III=141
Thanksgiving=141 (Rocky connections and also Nebraska Plays Iowa day after Thanksgiving). 
I also just made a post about how Prince died 141 days before 9/9. 
 In regards to breaking the Law, it makes me think about Moses the Law Giver. Also all of the Judge stories I mentioned a while back. Moses I've shown connected to Nebraska and more. 
Obama Nominates Garland, Texas Judge Shot, Antonin Scalia dies

The Texas Judge "Julie Kocurek"=51, 141 got shot outside of her home on 11/6/15.  Which is interesting as it was the same weekend that Nebraska upset Mich St and Bridgewater injured against the RAMS. There was also the story about Mich St. player Josiah Price and his disabled brother Barak Price just before the game that I mentioned.  
Josiah and Barak both connected to the LAW in the Bible. 

Anyway Julie Kocurek shot 14 weeks 1 day before "Antonin Scalia" died. Obama nominated Merrick Garland 141 days before he turned 55 years old on 8/4. 
Kocurek=84  "Obama"=84 (Jewish)
11/6 leaves 55 days in the year. 
Antonin Scalia dies on 2+13+20+16=51
Antonin Scalia=51, 132
Remember we got the 5.1 Earthquake that day in Oklahoma. 
It was the 44th day of the year.  "Earthquake"=44
Julie Kocurek shot 132 days before Merrick Garland Nominated. 
Area 51..
Tin Foil Hat=51
Antonin Scalia=404 (Jewish)
Prince Charles=404 (Jewish)
Pope Francis=404 (Jewish)
Remember last year he arrived in the US at 4:04 pm. Last year was 404 years after the King James Bible came out that has 404 verses in Revelation.   Pope Francis gave a speech using Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Lectern in Philadelphia. Philadelphia comes from the Book of Revelation.  The capital of the country JORDAN was Philadelphia until the year 106 AD then it was later destroyed by Earthquakes. Michael Jordan first retired on Oct. 6th 10/6.  So much more but want to point out the Law/Judge theme and also how Foltz's Brother is named JORDAN.  Sam Foltz dies on the 23rd anniversary of Michael Jordan's Dad being Murdered...Think about Jordan and 23... 
There was also an Earthquake just before Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai. 
The Gettysburg Address was given on 11/19 which is King Charles I's bday, Jodi Fosters Bday(Hinckley Jr./Nancy Reagan/Money Monster May 13th). 
Of Course "Catholic"=35, 71="Nebraska" as well fitting for Pope Francis. 

Philadelphia also in it's 333rd year of existence until 10/27/16. 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln=333

Scalia dies on 2/13. Remember Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union wearing # 21 and # 3.  There's a lot of 213 references in death connected to Black people.  Think about the song Regulators talking about the 213... Tupac's last album before he died "All Eyez on Me" came out on 2/13 exactly 213 days before he died. 

Michael Jordan retired 2 months 13 days after his dad dies. 
2/13 is the first day of Lupercalia in which the Romans celebrate and Sacrifice the Wolf/Dog. Which goes back to the Teen Wolves in the NBA All Star week of 2015 doing the Space Jam(Jordan) dunk... and the Nebraska stuff in the movie Teen Wolf. Jordan's dad dies on the first day of the Dog Days of Summer.   Makes me wonder about Mike Sadler's death as well. Michigan State is the Spartans not the Wolverines, but Michigan the State is the Wolverine State. 

2/13 also 23 weeks before Foltz dies.
161 days  "American Civil War"=161

Aunt's brother shot in Sioux Falls SD pt 1
Aunt's brother shot pt 2
Aunts brother Follow up..Shooter Mason Buhl
Also in regards to 141, almost a year ago I made a video about the CNN story involving my aunt's brother.  It was the 141st school shooting after Sandy Hook. "School Shooting"=71  It was 141 days after the Philadelphia Trainwreck.  All of the shooting story I swear was because of what I was talking about in my videos. I was talking about Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Civil War connection. 
Harrisburg High School=117 (117 and 112 all connected to Foltz death). 
Sandy Hook=112=Sam Foltz

Adam Lanza even born on 4/22 which is normally the 112th day of the year. 
Adam Peter Lanza=56  dies on 12+14+20+12=56
Kami Behrendt=56
Kevin Lein=56
Lincoln died age 56 in the year 65'.  in "April"=56 (only 56 month)
Newtown Connecticut=79, 241.  
Lincoln=79   241 the 53rd prime....Nebraska=53
My aunt's brother got shot in Lincoln County... Watch the videos above a bunch of stuff. 
I mean the the HS was on 273rd street, he got shot on the 273rd day of the year in "Sioux Falls, South Dakota"=273.  Sam Foltz # 27  Mike Sadler # 3.  273...
This Shooting also happened the same day Joseph Patterson was convicted of killing Adrian Peterson's son in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as well. 

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