Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bengals beat Dolphins 22-7.

Real Quick just want to show some things I noticed in the game tonight. 
I said this game was 2 months 2 days after Tannehill's bday. 
It was the 22nd (End date) day of the season.
The 22nd time Dolphins played Bengals. 
Last time Dolphins won with 22 points. 
Twenty Two=165  Miami currently was winning 16-5 overall against the Bengals. 
Anyway notice the Bengals won with 22 points tonight. 
Their record is now 2-2. 

Dalton completed 22 passes on 31 attempts. 
If you include the End Date it was also 31 days before his bday. 

Mike Nugent the Bengals Kicker even went into the game with 220 FG's made. He made 5 tonight. 

The announcers made sure to tell us on his 5th kick that he made 2 from 22 as well. 
He wears # 2. 
Mike Nugent=47  Drafted 47th and scored the 22nd point for the Bengals tonight on a 47 yard kick making the score 22-7. It was his 227th made FG. 

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  1. Last time UW played in a top ten matchup was a 27-14 loss to Nebraska in 1997.