Saturday, September 17, 2016

New York Explosion leaves dozens injured interrelated to Marine Corp Race story-Boston Marathon

This story so far has all the numbers I mentioned in connection to Nebraska and other stuff recently. 
Chelsea, Manhattan=55, 145=Chicago Illinois

CUYD=53  Possibly that's not what the trash can behind him says?

Has to be some sort of a tribute to Chelsea Clinton.  We will see what else comes of the story. Also something to do with the Boston Marathon or it sure seems that way in regards to the sign behind this guy.  It probably says "Boston Market" but reminds us of the Boston Marathon. Especially with earlier today we got the Pipe bomb story in a trash can at the Marine Corps Race. 

The Marine Corp race article even reminds us of the Boston Marathon lol. 

If you include the end date the Boston Marathon even happened 3 years 5 months 3 days ago.  A lot like 35, 53. 
The 71st prime number is also 353. 
How fitting for "Nebraska"=35, 53, 71

Notice Sept 17th and April 15th mirror days in the year cycle. 
April 15th the 105th day...Sept 17th leaves 105 days. 
Fitting for today as 9+17+16=42=Freemason

I wonder if this event will lead to something else too as I've been saying 9/19 is an important day but this year 9/18 is the 262nd day which is part of the importance of 9/19. 

Notice the Boston Marathon was the 117th edition as well. 
Fitting for the Nebraska coding I've shown as they are in their 117th season as Huskers and lots more. 
Of course it was on the 148th anniversary of Lincoln's death among many other things that have happened on that day. 

Gotta love how the Red Sox beat the Yankees today as well. Notice the start time 1:05. 
Red Sox got their 84th win of the season. 

The day of the Boston Marathon the Red Sox even beat Tampa Bay giving them an 8-4 record. 
It was both teams 148th game. 

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