Monday, September 19, 2016

Captured trash bomb suspect..Chelsea beat AC Milan in first sporting event at US Bank Stadium-1st ever Marathon and connections to Exorcism

They found the bomber today just as I thought. 
Notice the headline.."Captured"=88
Seaside Park New Jersey=88
The guy's name is 
Ahmad Khan Rahami=111
New York=111
Remember Queen Elizabeth also born on the 111th day of the year. 
9/11 happened on the day that leaves 111 days in the year. 
Remember a while back when I talked about Earling, Iowa. The town that had the most famous exorcism partially that the movie is based on...It began 88 years ago on 8/18. I also mentioned how the girl came from Marathon, Wisconsin and Earling, Iowa was originally called Marthan, Iowa but changed to Earling because there was a Marathon, Iowa already. Think about that in regards to this story and how it's connected to the Boston Marathon. 

Gotta love the interview with this kid wearing the pyramid with the all seeing eye on his shirt. It's hard to see over the caption but look closely it is exactly that. 

There's got to be something going on with this green beetle bug too. Remember how I said Herbie the Love Bug plays a part in the riddle. Herbie # 53
Green Beetle=53

I did find this in my research a movie with a blooper that involves a green beetle. It's way before my time though so if anyone knows more about this film, I could use the help. 

The main guy in the movie died on 11/7. 

Interesting if you put the 2 suspects names together. 
Ahmad Khan Rahami, Dahir Adan=108, 171
108 has been a big number in regards to Chicago and tonight we have the MNF game in Chicago. Possibly a tribute tonight? 
Today is 9/19 and it's 19 days before 10/8 the 145th anniversary of the great Chicago Fire. 
Chicago Bears=91, 55, 64
September Nineteenth=91, 217

Ahmad Rahami, Dahir Adan=137, 92
33rd prime is 137. 

Look at this, while researching this guy somehow I found this article about the debut opening of US Bank Stadium where the Vikings play. 

Chelsea beat AC Milan 3-1 in the first sporting event held there. 
AC Milan=26, 53
Chelsea=26, 53
A Marathon is 26 miles. 
Just super interesting in regards to the trash can bomb in Chelsea. 
8/3 to 9/18( Vikings vs Packers) was 46 days. 

Interesting how Chelsea's stadium is also called the Stamford bridge. 
I've mentioned the connection to Bridges and how it connects to Philadelphia and Minnesota. Also Stamford is where Gene Wilder died, Jackie Robinson died. Stamford also where Christopher Lloyd is from. 

Look at that, the first ever Marathon in the US was held in Stamford exactly 120 years ago to the day. 
The girl in the exorcism first showed signs of being possessed in 1896 as well. 
Won by "John J McDermott"=60, 168
New York City=168=Queen Elizabeth II
He also won the first ever Boston Marathon as well on 4/19/1897. 
So 119 years ago. 
The priest in the exorcism story died on 11/9 and the town of Earling named after Albert J. Earling who was born on 1/19.
Earling became the president of the railroad on 9/23. 

Notice the 2nd session of that exorcism happened 88 years ago during this past week up until tomorrow. 

I looked up famous people from Stamford, CT. 

So singer Michael Bolton lived there. First off it's odd that he's on an Album Called "Over the Rainbow". Remember Gene Wilder died listening to Somewhere over the Rainbow. 
It also says Boltons last Top 40 single in the US in his own right was called "Go the Distance".  Now that reminds me a lot of Field of Dreams. 

In the book Shoeless Joe,  Salinger is the same character that James Earl Jones plays in the movie. 
Salinger also lived in Stamford. 

Remember in Field of Dreams Costner goes to BOSTON to take Terence Mann to a game. They go to a Boston vs Athletics game and that's where he first hears "Go the Distance".  So then they travel to MINNESOTA to pick up Moonlight Graham. There's a lot going on with this story. As James Earl Jones is Mufasa the King-Darth Vader-King in "Coming to America" He was even Malcom X...... and Prince from Minnesota and dies on the night of a Full Moon on 4/21 the same day Field of Dreams released in 1989.   James Earl Jones also the owner of Hercules in the Sandlot. Bolton's song says it was on the Hercules disney movie. 
Chisholm Minnesota=197, 80
Moonlight Graham=80
Archibald Graham=80
King Charles III=80

This guy played Moonlight Graham in the movie and even died age 80. 
Born on 11/2. 
Terence Mann=112
Prince died on the 112th day. 

Notice above too on the scorecard it says 643. It's the 6th person in the 2nd.  So 26 or 62...Queen=62, 26.  
643 is also the Phone code in the town I live and the 117th prime number. 

James Earl Jones born on 1/17. 
Field of Dreams=117
Nine Hundred Twenty Three=117
Judy Garland died on 1/17. 
The Love Bug=117
So much more...
There's a lot to this puzzle, I wish I could figure it out. 

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