Thursday, September 1, 2016

Death of Zaevion Dobson connections to Les Miles-Teddy Bridgewater-Colts-Huskers

I've been talking about the connections to the death of Sam Foltz/Mike Sadler  and how the LSU player survived the crash. 
I've mentioned how Teddy Bridgewater is also connected as last year Nebraska upset Mich St. the same weekend Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out.  Notice Les Miles and Bridgewater both born on 11/10. Which interesting is also my birthday. 

Nebraska upset Mich St. with 39 points. Bridgewater is 39 years younger than Miles. 

Bridgewater also got knocked out 39 days before Zaevion Dobson died which I will mention farther down. 

11/7 last year was also the day LSU got their first loss of the season. 
Notice they won their bowl game in Houston too. 
Houston=112  (SB 51, 112th WS and more...)
Also notice Les Miles has 112 wins right now at LSU going into LSU's 112th season. 
Sam Foltz=112

Interesting too before he coached at LSU he coached OK St. 
Oklahoma State Cowboys=243
Bridgewater hurt on the 243rd day. 
Shaun Christopher Hill=243(Vikings Backup QB)
Thomas William Osborne=243 (Nebraska's last championship coach)

Death of Foltz to Bridgewater/Miles bday is 3 months 18 day. 
Normally the 243rd day is 31/8. 
Remember Prince Charles born on the 318th day. 
Princess Diana died on 31/8. 

OK St. also reminds me of Zaevion Dobson's brother Zack wearing this hat. 
Zack Dobson=110

Nebraska upsets Mich St. 1 month 10 days before Dobson dies. 
LSU Tigers=40
Zaveion Dobson died on 12/17 2015. 
Remember Nebraska's first championship was against LSU on 1/1/71 and the score was 12-17.  Also Pope Francis' bday. He became pope age 76. 

Dobson dies 7 months 6 days before Foltz. 
Leonard Fournette=76
Leslie Edwin Miles=76
Mike Riley born on 7/6. Nebraska went 6-7 last year. 
Also 219 days. 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219 (where LSU plays)
Les Miles contract to 2019 (219)
Dean Jones the Herbie actor died 219 days after his bday last year. The guy I said was connected to Nebraska. 
219 the big number in connection to Royal Family and Pope Francis to the Philadelphia Trainwreck of 2015. 
Zack Dobson=38=Prince=Louisiana=Minnesota

May 26th the day that leaves 219 days in the year. 
It was the day Blue Lives Matter was made in Louisiana.
Blue Lives Matter=67, 76

Fulton High School=84, 192
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=84, 219
Remember Sam Foltz died 192 days after Lawrence Phillips. 
His last game was the "Foster Farms Bowl"=192
Indianapolis Colts=192=Andrew Austen Luck=192 
Remember Colts beat the COWBOYS in SB 5 same year Nebraska beat LSU. Both in the "Orange Bowl"=112 in Miami where Bridgewater is from. 
Louisiana Flooding 140, 192
I also talked about 192 in regards to the flooding in LA. 
One Hundred Forty=192, 84
Notice Les Miles Career record he has 140 wins. 
Get out now=140 (headline)
John Bel Edwards=140 (Louisiana Gov)
Colby Delahoussaye=192, 84 (LSU player survived with Foltz/Sadler)
Ram=192 (who Bridgewater getting hurt connected to..Moses). 

Twenty Four=167=39th prime. 

Welp really got to get some sleep but very interesting connections. 

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