Saturday, September 17, 2016

New York blast appears to be Intentional Act

Ha this is CNN's headline updated a bit ago. 
Intentional Act=58, 157
You know in the last post I was gonna mention the Boston Bombing in regards to South Park. This weeks South Park was a lot of predictive programming, but I remember covering the 157th episode a long time ago. It was about England retaking over the US and Hillary Clinton having a bomb in her Snizz. There's a part where the Russian guy says we have to get the Bomb to Boston. 

Notice the picture above too, the only name you can fully make out...Leonard=33
Possibly is "Leonard, Rainaldi"=74, 137
137 the 33rd prime. 

Blasio? Just seeing that reminds me of the world Blast. 
Notice the mayor born on 5/8. 
Bill de Blasio=48,57,102
9/11 was 102 minutes and more...
I love how it's not terrorism yet it was intentional and people were injured. I guess just an Act of Terror. 

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