Saturday, September 3, 2016

Santa Clara Police Union possibly Boycotting games...Ben Franklin 117 and the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelpha

Seriously... I love this headline. I keep saying how this stuff is connected to the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Civil War-Gabrielle UNION. 
Now we get a story about the Santa Clara Police Union possibly boycotting 49ers game. 

Santa Clara Police=150, 60
San Francisco Bay=150, 60
Lincoln Nebraska=150, 60
Samuel Foltz=150  (His middle name even Noah, I've talked about the Moses theme, so interesting Noah). 
Green Bay Packers=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Santa Clara Police Union=88, 223
The Synagogue of Satan=223
Remember the Church of Satan founded in San Francisco. 

The SB was even 150 days before 7/6. The day a lot of this goes back to. 

You know I never posted about it, but I just made a video talking about the connections to Bridgewater and how I think it's connected to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. I just realized it was built and opened in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed. It actually opened 3 days prior though on 7/1.  

It even opened on 7/1/1926
Nebraska=71, 53

The engineer of the bridge even named RALPH. A big theme I have been talking about since the death of the Big Lebowski. 
Ralph Modjeski=60, 141
Delaware River=141

Interesting too he was born in 1861 the year year the Civil War began. He dies 151 days after his bday, but in a non leap year it would be 150.   "Cornhuskers"=151  and this year is 151 years after the Civil came to and end.   "Jesus Christ"=151 as well in regards to the Golden Gate and Bridges. 
He dies age 79. 
Notice he died 76 years ago as well. 

Look at that...Ben Franklin also born on 1/17 like Dwayne Wade and all the 117 connections I have mentioned. 
He dies on 4+17+17+90=128
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania founded 12+12+17+87=128
He dies 90 days after his bday in the year 90'. 

Of Course "Ben Franklin"=52, 106
Prophecy=52, 106
Philadelphia comes from the Book of Revelation, about Prophecy. 
Ben Franklin=253 (Jewish)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=253 (Simple)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=1611 (Jewish)
1611 when the King James Bible created on 5/2. 

The 253rd day this year is 9/9, which is very symbolic to a lot of stuff I've talked about to a lot. Queen Eliz II became longest reigning monarch on 9/9 last year. 
Franklin dies in 90'   90 days after his bday. 
Prince dies on Queen Eliz II's 90th bday. 
Prince been super connected to a lot this year. He said all we can go by is prophecy. 

He died 141 days before 9/9. 

Prince died on the 112th day of the year, normally though 4/22 is the 112th day that leaves 253 days in the year. 

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