Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shimon Peres death World War III Saturn, Moon

Ex Israeli Prime Minister/President dies age 93...Go figure 93. 
Thelema's number is 93. 
Israel's independence recognized on 5/11/49...
His name also reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson saying "Shimon". "Shamone".   Which Reminds me of last years Super Bowl with Beyonce wearing the X like Michael did in the 93' SB...
Malcolm X=93
Martin Luther King Jr.=93
Plus Michael Jackson is the MOONWalker...Dirty DIANA the goddess of the MOON.  If you go back and watch my copyright strike playlist on Youtube you will see I was talking a lot about a MOON theme and how Prince died on the night of a Full Moon. 
Who knows possibly nothing but still interesting to note. 
Jews and the Moon

The reason I bring this up is because he died 57 days after his birthday. 
Prince died age 57. 

Today is also 5 months 7 days after the death of Prince. 
Also today 9/28 is the anniversary of the 4th Blood Moon of the Tetrad last year. 
September Twenty Eighth=105
Blood Moon=105
Dirty Diana=105

Szymon Perski=64, 190
Synagogue of Satan=64
I'm sure Zach already covered this and more but still documenting it. 

Notice his bday comes 119 days before 11/29 the day Israel was recognized by Partition Plan. 
All Seeing Eye=119
Star of David=119

Shimon Peres=60, 69, 141
World War III=69, 141
Remember Israel created out of World War. 
On November 29th 2016 it will be the 69th anniversary of Israel being recognized. 
Benjamin Netanyahu=69

He dieds 2 months 1 day before the 69th anniversary. 
Twenty One=141

He also dies 797 days after being the president of Israel. 
797 is the 139th prime number. 
Sixty Nine=139
He was born on 8+2+23=33

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