Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kaepernick takes Knee against Chargers..Chiefs/Huskers/LSU/Rams A big Web of events

Kaepernick takes a knee now during the national anthem against the Chargers. 
San Diego=74
Colin Kaepernick=74

You have to love he had company with Eric Reid this time. 

Eric Reid=53, 71
Nebraska=35, 44, 53, 71
Notice he wears # 35 for the 49ers. 
Look at all my posts lately all about this stuff. 
Bridgewater gets hurt connected to the Rams. 
Sam Foltz/Mike Sadler die but the LSU player lives. 
Moses and Aries the Ram. 
49ers play in Levi's Stadium. 
Moses in the Tribe of Levi. 
So much stuff going on with these stories. 

Eric Reid even from Baton Rouge and played college at LSU. 
Nebraska beats LSU in the 1971 National Championship..
Notice he was born in 1991 as well, which is another year that has been foreshadowed. 

Nate Boyer was standing though. 
Nate Boyer=42, 105

You know Chip Kelly being the 49ers coach is also part of the programming. Remember Kelly was accused of being a racist when he coached the Eagles. It's all super interrelated. He trades McCoy to the BILLS that I have mentioned. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150=Lincoln, Nebraska
Kelly replaced Andy Reid who coaches the Chiefs. Now Doug Pederson the former Chief coach coaches the Eagles. Nebraska and KC play in the Sea of Red (Moses). Of Course the Chiefs get Alex Smith the former 49er.  Alex Smith connected to the Mormon stuff as he was QB at Utah. Andy Reid also went to BYU, the Mormon school that upset Nebraska when Dwayne Wade was there.  It's like so ridiculous, I don't know how to explain it in a structured way.....

Bridgewater/Nebraska/LSU/Dwayne Wade  all connected to Miami. 

Remember this pussy who was getting bullied by Richie Incognito? (Nebraska). He last played for the 49ers wearing # 71. The bullying even involved RACE. 
So much going on lol I can't even keep track of it all in my brain. There's something going on with Gays I think too. Hence San Francisco... Martin went to Stanford and Harvard Westlake HS where Jason Collins the first gay NBA player went. Michael Sam goes to the RAMS(Lol get it?). Michael Sam born on Jan 7th or 7/1. 
Civil War=97

Of Course Stanford reminds me of Stamford where Gene Wilder/Jackie Robinson died. 

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  1. lets not forget that JaQuiski Tartt went to Stamford as Well