Monday, September 5, 2016

Philippines president swears at Obama..Thrilla in Manila, 2015 Miss Universe

We got this story earlier today. Obama cancels meeting with Philippines president after comments made about Obama. 

I will Swear at you=69, 213

Rodrigo Roa Duterte=96, 213

World War III=69
He's 71 years old. 
World War Three=71

He was also born in 1945. He was born 5 months 5 days before the end of World II.  Obama is 55 years old. 
Obviously today is 3 days after the 71st anniversary of the end of WWII. 

With the death of Muhammad Ali this year I can't help but think of The Thrilla in Manila either. 
Manila is the capital of Philippines. 
Muhammad Ali born on 1/17. 
Parkinsons Disease=117
His death super significant to lot's of stuff this year even the Olympics. 

Anyway he defeated Joe Frazier in Manila. Look at this guy. 
Born on 1/12 and dies on 11/7/11.   Both numbers I keep talking about.  Also notice his death death connected to 117 both ways. 
Nebraska in it's 117th season as Cornhuskers.
LSU in it's 112th season. 
Frazier and Ali's first fight was in 1971. 
Nebraska won it's first Championship in 1971 against LSU. 

Philippines also reminds me of when Steve Harvey messed up saying Colombia won but it was actually Miss Philippines.  The Thrilla in Manila was on 10/1. Remember 10/1 is Jimmy Carter's Bday. The same day of the Miss Universe we got the death of his grandson.   10/1 to 12/20 is 80 days. "December Twentieth"=80 There are 80 Contestants. We also got the lady who killed people driving on the sidewalk in Vegas where the Miss Universe was held. That was connected to the Nice, France attack.  Which I talked about was connected to Sylvester Stallone (Boxer) being on vacation in Nice, France when it happened. 
Steve Harvey=150=Lincoln Nebraska
Steve Harvey born on 1/17. 
Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone=117
Think about the new film "Creed"=35=Nebraska
That films stars Michael B Jordan. "Sylvester..Looney Tunes?". 

Anyway he called Obama a Son of a Bitch. 
Son of a Bitch=112

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