Monday, September 12, 2016

Dick Cheney..Lincoln, Nebraska and relations to multiple US presidents 130

So I was re examining some 9/11 stuff today as it's 9/11. 
I was thinking about Dick Cheney as he was connected to the Death of Antonin Scalia earlier this year. 
Look at that..He was born on 1/30. 
A number I just started seeing a bit of lately. Especially when youtube gave my old video "The Truth about Charlie" a copyright claim.  I put the video out on 1/30. It also connected to my mom and the Karate Kid(Ralph Macchio). 
George W Bush=130
Other interesting 130's in my notes: 
Black Panthers=130
LSU Tigers=130
Saint West=130
Vesica Pisces=130
The Bodyguard=130
Dennis Rodman=130

Anyway another reason I was so interested is it says Dick Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Also in 1941. 
Skull and Bones=41
Zionists=41(The real terrorists)

Richard Cheney=76
Think about all the 76 stuff I keep mentioning. 

Gotta love how he's related to Obama and Truman. 

Also all of these people related because of Mareen Duvall.  Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Obama, Jimmy Carter, LBJ, Truman....I mean interesting all these people are distant relatives and all presidents...Talk about proof your vote doesn't matter. 
Also says Mareen Duvall related to Warren Buffet, from Omaha.
Warren Edward Buffet=86  He just turned 86 years old as well. 
I mention this too because of him and Nebraska player Suh are friends. 

Cheney also related to this guy. 
Notice this guy dies exactly 121 years before Sam Foltz. 
Sam Foltz born on 1/21. 
Benjamin Cheney=128
Born on 12/8. 
Mareen Duvall=128

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