Friday, September 30, 2016

Cav's Tyronn Lue offers Kevin Garnett a position on Staff. Teen Wolf, Nebraska, Chicago Bulls

Today we got an article about Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue. 
Of course he wants the original Teen Wolf to help him as Tyronn Lue is a former Nebraska Cornhusker. 
University Nebraska-Lincoln=333
The Story also comes on the day that leaves 93 days in the year. 
Minnesota Timberwolves=93

Lue also born on 5/3. 
That big number I keep talking about in regards to the Huskers. 

Of Course this story comes out 150 days after Lue's bday as well. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=150

Notice the Cavs only play the T-wolves 2 times this season too. 
Look at the Days. 
2/1....I just reposted a bunch of stuff about Garnett and the number's 12 and 21.  He retired after 21 seasons even. 
The 2nd time the Cavs play the T-wolves is on Valentines Day which of course is the 2nd day of Lupercalia the Wolf Festival. 


1966-67 NBA Season was the 21st season. 

The Chicago Bulls were the only expansion team that year as well. 
Bulls=12, 21(Small way)   
Chicago Bulls=112
Valentines day when the Cavs play the T-wolves also the 112th day of the season. 
Tyronn Lue=45=Valentines day the 45th day. 
Just interesting in regards to Dwayne Wade being a Bull now and how he's connected to Nebraska as well. Plus Michael Jordan has been very connected to multiple events as well and to the death of Sam Foltz. 

Off Subject but something to note about the NBA this year. The 1st day of the season to the NBA Finals is 219 days. 
Remember this number was huge around the Warriors last year. 
Back to Back Championships=219
Back to Back=69=Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA All Star Game this year is also played on 2/19. 


  1. I think Bulls will win Thame Eastern Conference Finals. Alot of Dwayne Wade lately.

  2. Dan I think you would be better if you stopped Picking what Zach Picks. The Red Sox shouldn't be taken lightly

    1. Is all scripted for them in the wild card. Boston bombings anniversary. I see no chance for them to be in the Championship or World Series.