Friday, September 9, 2016

Brandon Marshall Kneeling during Anthem...Vikings Giants Colts? Nebraska Andy Janovich

Tonight during the season opener we get the story of Bronco's Brandon Marshall kneeling during the national anthem.
He wears # 54
Fifty Four=54, 126
Create Dialogue=63, 126 

They kept letting us know he went to college with Colin Kaepernick at Nevada. 
Notice Nevada's name...The WOLF Pack.  
Remember all of the Teen Wolf/Civil War stuff I've mentioned previously in regards to Nebraska. 
I wonder if it has something to do with the movie the "Hangover" as well. They have the Wolf Pack and it's set in Vegas. Has the Mike Tyson in it and a lot of stuff seems to be connected back to the death of Muhammad Ali as well. Plus Tupac's mom dying this year and he was shot at the Mike Tyson fight... Need to think about this though. 

Ha and just saw this article on Espn after the game. 
Of Course in the game tonight we got the big play from former Nebraska player Andy Janovich as well. 
Andy Janovich=54, 126   Notice Brandon Marshall wears # 54. 
Note that Janovich's senior season at Nebraska was their 126th season as well. 

Janovich also wore # 35 at Nebraska. 
I remember talking about this guy last year during the Nebraska games a lot last year after the Southern Miss game. 
He had a 53 yard TD catch and 68 Rush Yards and everyone started talking about him. 
Southern Miss=54
He even won the State Championship in wrestling in HS and had a 53-0 record. 

Andy Janovich scoring a 28 Yard TD on his first ever carry made me look up Brandon Marshall's career beginning. 
Look at that....
His first ever game was against Minnesota. 
Next game against Houston...Who is hosting SB 51. 
Then Next game against the Colts. 
Both teams we have been talking about possibly being in SB 51.

I also find it interesting because in the Roast of Rob Lowe one of Manning's jokes were about playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars and B Marsh originally played in Jax. 
Marshall only played 5 games that season and then next year he went to Denver. Notice they only beat the Colts when he was there. 
He also wore # 53 in Jax.  "Nebraska"=53

His first game in 2013 for the Broncos was in "Week Seventeen". 
Week Seventeen=54

I also wonder if the Jax connection and the him kneeling during the Panthers game has connections to the New York Giants. 
The Panthers and Jax joined the league in the same year. 

The first coach of the Jaguars was Tom Coughlin who won 3 Super Bowls with the Giants. He also has ties to the Eagles and Packers. 

Brandon Marshall always makes me think of this guy though..Another Brandon Marshall who was drafted and played for the Broncos. Then later played for Chicago, Miami and now the Jets.  ..Chicago and Miami seem to be in connection to the Nebraska stuff too.

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