Monday, September 5, 2016

Jimmy Carter and Obama's Visit To Cuba...76 Death of Foltz, Cornhuskers, Stock Market Crash 1929

So I re watched a few of my old videos that I mentioned in the last post. I talked about Jimmy Carter and his connection to George HW Bush. If you include the end date they were born 112 days apart. 
Last year after Nebraska lost to BYU Sam Foltz sat out the next game and came back in the Miami game. In that game Bush and Carter were both ejected for targeting. 
Sam Foltz=112
I've also mentioned a lot about 7/6 and it's connections to almost everything going on as of now.  
Notice Carter elected president in 1976.  He was also the 76th governor of Georgia. 
He became governor on 1/12 1971. 
I keep saying all of this stems back to Nebraska's first championship in 1971 against LSU, and Mike Riley playing for Alabama in 1971, which was the next season. Nebraska won back to back beating Alabama in the 1971 season. 

Remember Jimmy Carter is also the last president to visit Cuba since Obama. He wasn't ACTING president at the time, but still the last president. The last Acting President was "Calvin Coolidge". He went 88 years before Obama. 
John Calvin Coolidge=88
We got the headline "Obama:Embargo on Cuba will end"=88
Calvin Coolidge=127
Nebraska as a school is in it's 127th season. They have been named Cornhuskers for 117 seasons. 
Coolidge=43  Foltz dies 43 days before Nebraska beats "Fresno State"=43  with 43 points and more.. 
Cuba=27  which reminds us of Sam Foltz football number. 
Coolidge also born on 7/4 which is normally the 185th day.  He dies 185 days after his bday. 
Donald John Trump=185  
Stock Market Crash=185   
Coolidge left office just before the Crash in 1929. 
Coolidge dies age 60. 
Lincoln Nebraska=60=Abraham Lincoln=Age Teddy Roosevelt died.

Sam Foltz dies 1 month 27 days before 9/19. 
9/19 is the day Youtube keeps showing me by copyright claiming my vids and leaving weird comments. 
9/19 was the day Pope Francis began his trip to the US last year. 
It's the 262nd day. 
Obama went to Cuba 26 weeks 2 days later. 
Hillary Clinton Clinched the Nomination on 6/7/16 which was 262 days after Pope Francis went to Cuba. The Cnn headline said...."The Struggle Continues"=262 
Clinton=262 (Jewish)
Youtube Copyright strikes my Baron Munchausen Video at weird times. Then we get the death of R2D2 who was in Time Bandits which is part of the Baron Munchausen trilogy. So much going on right now. 

Obama even goes to Cuba 4 months 3 days before Foltz dies. 
20/3..   Remember Omaha Police officer "Kerrie Sue Orozco"=203
She was born on 9/19 and last time an officer killed like that in Omaha was Jason Pratt who died on 9/19. 
September Nineteenth=91 
November Nineteenth=91 (Gettysburg address, King Charles, James Garfield and more)  
Carter born with 91 days left. He's 91 years old right now.  
91 19...

Cuba reminds us of the Cold War. 
Cold War=76 

Coolidge also stopped being president in 1929.  
Herbert Hoover became the next president in 1929.  The only Iowa president. 
Iowa the 29th state. 
Much more to this, but this was also the year of 
"The Great Depression"=91
Nineteen Twenty Nine=91

Probably add some more to this tomorrow, but gotta go to bed. I've mentioned a bunch of this stuff a long time ago and need to re look at it. 

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