Thursday, September 1, 2016

Teddy Bridgewater: My Purpose will not be denied"...Bridgewater and My own connections to him and recent events

Teddy Bridgewater says this in the headline today 9/1. 
My Purpose will not be denied=121
Theodore Bridgewater II=121
Remember Sam Foltz born on Jan. 21...1/21. 

Today also leaves 121 days in the year. 
I'm amazed by this because I share a birthday with Bridgewater on 11/10. 
Daniel Behrendt=121 
Ha and I just discovered..
7/6 is the big number connecting a lot of this together. 
You know maybe nothing, but I've had so many experiences since doing this as if I'm being used in the coding it makes me wonder. 

Even the Kaepernick stuff, the Army Guy that wrote him a letter and came to the SD game was Nate Boyer. 
I live right next to the Boyer River, and graduated HS at Boyer Valley. Possibly nothing but makes me wonder as a lot of other stuff has pertained to where I live. 

This article even mentions how Bridgewater is going to attack rehab like his mother Rose Murphy did with Breast Cancer. 
Once again possibly nothing, but I have an aunt named Rosa Murphy. Her husband my Uncle died on 5/12/15 the same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck. 
Michael Murphy=71, 152
Today is 112 days after his death day. 

I mean just weird stuff. The only other sibling on my moms side to die was her brother Kelly. He died on 10/15/13. 
5/12 to 10/15 is 5 months 3 days. 
They lived in Ralston, Nebraska before moving to the town I live in. 
Ralston, Nebraska=53 
Kelly born in 1960
Mike dies age 60. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=60

Who knows not perfect connections but make me wonder. 

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