Monday, September 19, 2016

Nebraska ranked for the first time in 666 days.

Nebraska ranked in the AP 25 for the first time since 2014. 

The last time they were ranked was # 23 against agains Minnesota on 11/22/14.  Which means they were ranked # 23 until 11/23/14. 

Notice the last time they were ranked was 666 days ago. 

Nebraska has the potential to win a bunch of games this year. Only games in question as tough would be Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Iowa. 
Notice too 28+24=52
Notice they become ranked again on 9+18+16=43 Last time they were ranked they became 4-3 in the Big 10. 
Remember Sam Foltz died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43. They scored 43 points. Nebraska has 43 conference championships right now. "Mike Sadler"=43

Notice today is also 1 month 27 days after Sam Foltz dies. 
Nebraska in it's 127th season. 
Isn't it odd how I've mentioned the connection to Minnesota as well and they were last ranked playing Minnesota?

Nebraska plays Minnesota this year 112 days after the death of Sam Foltz. 
Sam Foltz=112
died 1 month 12 days before Nebraska's first game. 

As of right now the only ranked teams Nebraska is heading up to are ranked # 2 and # 11.  How fitting..
Sam Foltz born on 21/1. 
Dies 211 days after his last Nebraska game. 
Just want to point out too that 11X2=22 and they just beat # 22 Oregon. 
I really wonder if Nebraska will finish with Mike Riley getting 112 wins. Right now he has 102 with at least 9 games left, and the possibilty of 12 games left. 
We will see, but it's very possible. 
Ohio State=112 too and they have looked pretty good. 
Plus if Nebraska loses to Wisconsin first it would make sense giving them a 7-1 record.  "Nebraska"=71 

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  1. Also as of right now Nebraska is 7 1\2 point road dogs in bettering terms the half point is really 1 so idk we will see... I can totally see it happining