Thursday, September 1, 2016

Death of Pat Tillman and the New England Patriots Winning SB 36, 38, 39

Remember Pat Tillman the Arizona Cardinal who quit football to fight the War on Terror? 
Patrick Tillman=159, 60, 69
Spera, Afghanistan=159, 69
I wonder if he was a sacrifice or a fake sacrifice for the Royal Family? Definitely a sacrifice for the New England Patriots. 
Notice he even dies on what is normally the 112th day. 
In a lot of countries they use 112 instead of 911 for the emergency dialing code. 
He was born on 11+6+19+76=112
He was also the first pro football player to die in war since Bob Kalsu. Real name: "James Kalsu"=112
Bob Kalsu=83=Football

He dies 33 years before Tillman. 
Buffalo Bills=117 (team he played for). 

Tillman dies 168 days after his 27th bday. 
New York City=168 (9/11). 
Queen Elizabeth II=168, 87
Patrick Daniel Tillman=87

His 27th bday also 87 days before the Super Bowl 38 in 2004. 
Also 2 months 26 days. Tillman was 226th pick in the 1998 draft. 
He also died from "Friendly Fire". 
Friendly Fire=131
Prince Charles=131

Interesting the year before and after he died the Patriots won the Super Bowl. 
Friendly Fire=131=Superbowl=Championship
Patriots=37, 118
Pat Tillman=37, 118
Think about it too. The PATS..PAT. 

He died 81 days after the Pats won in 2004. 
It was Superbowl 38. 

The Patriots then went on to win SB 39 on 2/6/2005.  Which was Queen Elizabeth's 53rd anniversary being queen. 

Notice Tillman's final NFL Game was on 1/6/02. They lost to the Redskins 17-20. 

Interesting that year the Patriots won SB 36.  They won 17-20. 
Pat Tillman=37
So the Pats win SB 36, 38, 39  but not 37. 

His last game even 118 days after 9/11. 
Pat Tillman=118

I'm sure there's a lot more to this story, just remembered this guy last night for some reason. Figured I'd check it out a bit. 

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