Friday, September 16, 2016

Nick Gordon in News just after I make Whitney Houston Video..Mount St. Helens Superbowl 51.

I literally just made a video on how Superbowl 51 in Houston has some amazing connections to the death of Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston, and Bobby Brown. 
Whitney Houston died age 48. 
Bobbi Brown=48
Bobby Brown will turn 48 years old the same day as SB 51. 

Bobbi Kristina found in a bathtub on 1/31 just before SB 49. 
Bobbi Kristina=131

In regards to 48, SB 48 also had a total score of 51 points. 
Superbowl 48 was a very interesting SB as we had the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman dying as Phillip Phillips was singing a song "Gone Gone Gone" at the Superbowl.. That song released on 2/11 that year. This was just after the death of Uncle PHIL on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and PHIL Robertson of Duck Dynasty saying he doesn't agree with Gays.  Also the Maserati commercial talking about "We Have Prepared..Now we Strike". 
I'm gonna go back and look at a few of my videos and make a video on this topic again, as last year before SB 50 I got a copyright claim on an old video in which I talked about this topic. It connected to Beyonce and Coldplay making the video in India with Shiva and much more.  Beyonce is even from Houston. 

Whitney died on Feb. 11th or 2/11 or 11/2. 

Whitney found in the bathtub 2 years 11 months 20 days before Bobbi. 

Notice SB 48 was 3 years 3 days before SB 51 too. 
SB 48 was on the 33rd day of the year. The only SB to be on the 33rd day as well. 
The Seahawks won with 43 points. 
Seattle Seahawks=43, 169
So how fitting this new story about Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon comes out on 16/9. 

Interesting while looking at the old Superbowls I noticed only 2 have been on 1/12.   
SB 3 where Jets beat the Colts and SB 9 where Steelers beat Vikings. 
Colts vs Vikings has been talked about this year for SB 51. 

There's also something very significant with 48 as I just made a video on Brandon Bourbon again and how his sister said he didn't die on 4/8 like the Media reported. 
Today's date has a numerology of 61.. 9+16+20+16=61
Forty Eight=61

Another interesting thing I noticed about Houston. 
Houston=538 (Jewish)
Hillary=538 (Jewish). 

I went back and watched a few old videos. So Youtube copyright claimed an old video about Beyonce and Coldplay that I put out on 2/6/16.  They did it on 5/7/16. In the video I talked about Earthquakes and how on 5/7 we got a story about 130 small earthquakes beneath Mt. ST. Helens. 
The CNN article even mentions how Mt. St. Helens erupted on 5/18/1980 and killed 57 people. So fitting for a story on 5/7.   
The copyright claim was only on 51 seconds of my video. 
Interesting in regards to Seattle winning SB 48 as well. 
Mount St. Helens=185
The last eruption on 18/5. 
Donald John Trump=185
Donald Trump=48

St. Helens gets it's name from this guy.
Alleyne Fitzherbert=211  Whitney Houston dies 2/11. 
I mean seriously...George Washington born on 2/11. It's the 42nd day. Washington the 42nd state. 
This guy dies on 2/19 as well. 
Minnesota, Louisiana=211
Baton Rouge Louisiana=219
This guy is famous for not leaving his home when he was supposed to evacuate in 1980. 
Harry Randall Truman=219
Notice they mention he survived the "Tuscania"=25 that happened on 2/5 1918. So exactly 97 years before SB 51. 

The eruption in 1980 was caused by a 5.1 earthquake. 
The Superbowl being on 2+5+20+17=44=Earthquake is interesting. It's also been 36 years since the eruption. 
Mt. St. Helens=36
Trident=36  If you watch my old video I mention how it's connected to Neptune the God of the Sea and Earthquakes. He wields the trident. 
Thirty Six=53, 152=Superbowl LI
SB 51 is on 36th day of the year. 
36th prime number is 151.  
In the previous videos I mentioned Coldplays album..
A Head Full of Dreams=151
Obama is featured singing Amazing Grace on a track titled "Kaleidoscope" that is 1:51 in length. 
Volcano=82....8/2 leaves 151 days in the year. 

Pry add more in a bit. My computer keeps freezing up so figured I'd just post it now in case it doesn't save. 

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