Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Police kill unarmed man in El Cajon California

We also got another Black Guy shot by police story today in the news. It happened on 9/27. 
Notice so far they have only identified one of the cops. 
Rober Gonzalez=76
El Cajon California=76
All of these shootings involve 76 and 67 it seems. 
Alton Sterling=67
Philando Castile=67
Story's come on 7/6. 
Blue Lives Matter=67, 76
Passed in Louisiana on 5+26+20+16=67 

As I'm typing this I refreshed the page and now it changed the officers name to Richard Gonsalves instead of Robert Gonzalez. 
Richard Gonsalves=76, 175
Robert Gonzales=76, 184 
So must've needed that 175 for whatever the reason in the story. 

The guy shot was Alfred Olango. 
Alfred Olango=56, 110
Fitting name for the Black shootings as well. 
Black Lives Matter=56

116W as well. 
African American=116
Although it says he was from Uganda. 
Notice the emphasis that the cop was a 21 year veteran as well. 

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