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Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe....Possibly foreshadowing Indians vs Cubs..Ralph Theme..My life yet again.

So I watched the Roast of Rob Lowe a few nights ago. I only watched it because I had a feeling it's connected to some of the things I've been mentioning. He is the Bad Guy on the Movie Tommy Boy which I said is connected to Nebraska. Also if you recall last year in Game 1 of the World Series the TV Power went out 2 times and they joked it was the Curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage. 

A lot of the Roast they really hated on Ann Coulter. I mean it's obviously set up, but they made it obvious they were supposed to hate on her. Plus if you watch these tv shows pay attention to how much editing is done. It's always a ton more then most people I think realize. Anyway when Coulter did her Roast it was basically very lame jokes and her promoting her new book in support of Donald Trump. 
Ann Coulter=42=Freemason

Notice this roast came 83 days after Trump's 70th bday as well. 
What I find interesting is that there have only been a total of 15 roasts aired on TV and Donald Trump was actually 1 of these 15 people. 

Trump Roast was 2001 days before Rob Lowe Roast. Just interests me because 2001 was a big year in the world with 9/11. 
Trump also roasted on the 74th day of the year. (Masonic=74)

Donald Trump wasn't supposed to be roasted though it was Kid Rock, but he cancelled it. Kid Rock also was supposed to be roasted when Charlie Sheen was roasted. 

Kid Rock fits all the stuff I've been talking about lately as well. 
Born on 1/17 in the year 71'.  So he was literally born the day the Colts beat the Cowboys in the Superbowl. 
9/5 is the day that leaves 117 days in the year. 
Kid Rock=71, 35=Catholic=Nebraska
Robert Ritchie=78, 150=Lincoln Nebraska

Most likely why he married Pamela Anderson who was born on 7/1. 
Pamela Anderson=138=Donald Trump

Remember Pamela Anderson also 1 of the 15 people to be Roasted. 
A lot of stuff with Pamela Anderson. She even married Tommy Lee after knowing him for 96 hours(Freemason=96). 
Anyway a lot of the jokes about Rob Lowe were in regards to his sex tapes and him having sex with a 16 year old. 
Just reminds me of Pamela Anderson and her sex tapes with Tommy Lee as well. 

I don't know what it's foreshadowing but the reason I think it's connected to the 112th World Series is because of the Curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage in last years world series. 
Remember the 2nd Blackout in that game was in the 5th inning right after a hit by # 55 on the 55th pitch. Then 5 pitches later there was a Homerun. 
This game was also on 10/27/15 which was Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 
128 is a special number in regards to Pennsylvania. 
Ann Coulter born on 12/8. 
William Penn=128
4+17+17+90=128 (Ben Franklin's Death)
12+12+17+87=128 (Pennsylvania became a state)
Tommy Boy=128(Sandusky Ohio, Jerry Sandusky..Penn St.)
Democratic National Convention=128 (Philadelphia this year)

The Rob Lowe Sex Tape was also the day before the Democratic National Convention in which he was campaigning for Michael Dukakis. 
Michael Dukakis=55

Anyway they were advertising their new show called "The Grinder".

Notice the Grinder was cancelled on 16/5 as well. 
Scottish Rite=165

The show was cancelled 162 days before the 112th World Series. 
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 
Also 5 months 9 days..Sept 5th is 9/5 or 5/9. 

The Show also cancelled 112 days before Rob Lowe's Roast. 

The Roast was also 50 days before the WS on 10/25

I wonder if it was still a tribute to last year's WS as well. The Mets won 5-0 on this day. The Mets were the team who lost to the Royals last year that obviously were affected by this curse. 
It was the Met's 138th game. 
Remember the Mets were the team super connected to Queen Elizabeth II as well. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168
New York Mets=168  (Play in Queens)
New York=111
Queen born on 111th day but this year was the 112th. I wonder too if the leap year was part of the coding as the 111th WS came to and end on a game that started on 11/1 but went so long it didn't actually end until 11/2. 
Prince died on Queen's 90th bday.
Rob Lowe=90
Robert Hepler Lowe=197=Prince

Her bday is 137 days before 9/5. 
The Grinder cancelled on the 137th day this year. 
137 is the 33rd prime. 
The Mets win on 9/5 also gave pitcher Bartolo Colon a 13-7 record. 
The Royals also won their 137th game that day. 
9/5 or 5/9. 
Kansas City Royals=59=Colon

Colon was even the losing pitcher on the Blackout Game and he threw 50 pitches. 

Also 112 days before the 112th WS the Cubs lost to the Reds 5 to 9 or 9 to 5. 
So on 9/5 the big game of notice was the 5-0 Mets vs Reds. 
The Mets lost to Miami 112 days before the WS. Think about the Back to the Future stuff. 
Back to the Future=59   Cubs swept Miami. 
Cubs didn't win last year but "Kansas City Royals"=59 did. 
Interesting too later I mention how Karate Kid seems to be connected to my life in regards to the 9/5 date.  
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95, 176
Back to the Future=59, 176
Also in regards to 9/5 it makes me think of 1995 when the Cleveland Indians were in the WS for the first time since 1954. 
I pointed out a while ago that Detroit lost to the Indians on this day. 1-12. 112 days before the 112th WS. Cubs and Indians both cursed by stuff involving Detroit. 

Grinder also began 11 months 7 days before 9/5. 
Rob Lowe=1107(Jewish)

Last years WS the power went out at 9:19 to 9:23 which is very connected to Pope Francis' visit to Cuba and the US that came to an end in Philadelphia.  Along with Obama's trip to Cuba. 

Interesting too, Donald Trump's bday is 4 months 11 days before the WS. 
JFK died on 411 Elm Street. 
10/25 the day that leaves 67 days in the year. 
Blood Sacrifice=67

Rob Lowe born on the 76th day of the year. 
Fred Savage born in 76'. 

Peyton Manning born in 76' 

Interesting SB 50 was 211 days before. Interesting with the other 50 stuff. 
Comedy Central Roast=211, 76

Peyton Manning's had a Joke about Rob Lowe and his Twitter account. He made sure to use the number 140 in regards to how many characters are used in Twitter. 
140 has been a number I've been seeing a lot in regards to Baton Rouge and other Race stuff. 

I've also been mentioning a Ralph theme. Ralph Macchio was one of the Roasters. We haven't heard of him forever. 

Notice his 55th bday is 1 month 30 days after 9/5. Also 7/6 is 1 month 30 days before 9/5. 
The Outsiders=55 (Him and Rob Lowe movie)

He's really famous for The Karate Kid that was made in the mold of 1976 Film Rocky. Remember Sylvester Stallone also born on 7/6. 
I also just mentioned 130 in regards to Youtube giving my old video a copyright claim. I put it out on 1/30.  Which is also my moms birthday. "Ann Murphy"=130(her maiden name). 
Danielson.....I'm Daniel and her Son? Who knows just find that pretty interesting. Of course 60+61=121
Daniel Behrendt=121  
I don't mean to bring myself into it, but weird when I notice how it's connected to me. 

1/30 to 9/5 is also 7 months 6 days. 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219 
Dan Behrendt=50, 95 (9/5 had a date numerology of 50). 
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Mr. Miyagi=50, 95
Norita=76 (Miyagi's real last name)
He died on 11/24/05.  9/5 to 11/24 is 2 months 19 days. 
Seven Six=117 (9/5 leaves 117 days)

1/30 to 11/4  is 9 months 5 days. 

So who knows, I gotta feeling this is connected somehow but I'm not seeing the big picture with it. Just wanted to document some things for further reference. Seems to be showing us at least the Cubs in the World Series as well. 

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