Sunday, September 25, 2016

Les Miles fired Prince 197

So Les Miles gets fired today. Notice it's 2 months 2 days after the accident of Foltz, Sadler and Delahoussaye. 
He gets fired with a 2-2 record. 

The video on even 2:02 in length.

This guy is the interim head coach. 
Ed Orgeron Jr.=129

Today is 1 month 29 days after his 55th bday.
Notice Les Miles fired after his 55th career college coaching loss. 
It was also after his 197th college game coached. 
This number has been special all year, I keep saying it's connected to "Prince"=197(Jewish). Les Miles and LSU had the connection to Prince as he died on the 112th day of the year, the Simpsons killed him of 11/2. 
This season began with Les Miles having 112 career wins at LSU and LSU in it's 112th season. 

Miles even got his 112th win last year in the Texas Bowl held in "Houston"=112  
Notice LSU was ranked 22 as well and now he's fired after being 2-2. Also 2 months 2 days after the Car Wreck involving Delahoussaye. 

That car wreck also happened 207 days after the Texas Bowl. 
Two Hundred Seven=197

The article on even mentions how he almost got fired last year but after they beat Texas A&M 19-7 they kept him. 

So the car accident happened 114 days before Prince Charles bday, and Miles gets fired after 114 wins at LSU. 

He also gets fired 1 month 20 days before Prince Charles bday. 
Leslie Miles=120
Also 50 days.....9+25+16=50

Not sure if it means anything but interesting that today is 25/9. 
September Twenty Fifth=259, 97
Today also leaves 97 days in the year. 

Les Miles=269 (Jewish) and fired on the 269th day of the year. 

I also find it interesting that Miles played and coached at Michigan as well. He gets fired just before Michigan plays Wisconsin who beat LSU unexpectedly and also where the wreck happened. We just got Garnett retiring as well. The Teen Wolf....Lupercalia celebrating and sacrificing the Wolf...Makes me wonder what the plan is with the Wolf.
Jim Harbaugh=98
Tom Brady=98  Became starter in 98'. 
Brady Bunch=98
Snickers=98 (Brady Bunch commercial). 
Michigan Wolverines=98
Ninety Eight=64=Michigan

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  1. so you saying My MI Wolverines are going to win a championship this year?