Friday, September 2, 2016

Christian Ponder A Back Up QB to Kaepernick Vikings/49ers Bridgewater- Pope Francis

I went on to see the score of the 49ers vs Chargers game tonight and I saw this. 
A backup QB to Kaepernick is Christian Ponder. 

Christian Ponder was the Starting QB in Minnesota before they got Bridgewater lol. Such a web of events. 
Christian Andrew Ponder=112, 238
Remember 238 is a number to the Alton Sterling/Castile stuff. 
I mean give me a break. 
St. Louis Missouri=67, 76, 238. (Rams connection to Bridgewater). 
Gabrielle Monique Union=112, 238

He signs with the 49ers 173 days after his bday. 
Black Lives Matter=173
Obama gave the speech at McKinley HS in Baton Rouge 173 days before Alton Sterling killed. 

He got married to Samantha Steele on Pope Francis 76th bday. 
Remember Bridgewater connected to the 1971 Orange Bowl of Neb vs LSU with score of 12-17. 
Out of all the 71 stuff, I keep forgetting to mention that Pope Francis was born 71 years after Abe Lincoln died. 
Notice they were married in "Hudson Wisconsin"=71
Kaepernick sits against Green Bay. 

Samantha Sainte-Claire Ponder=112
Christian Andrew Ponder=112
She's best known for replacing Erin Jill Andrews. 
Erin Jill Andrews=74, 173
Erin Andrews=58=Freemasonry

After the Vikings Ponder signed with the Raiders on Pope Francis 2nd anniversary being Pope. 
Raiders=74=Colin Kaepernick
Oakland where the Black Panthers founded. San Fran bay area. 
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122
Oakland Raiders=60=Lincoln Nebraska=Abraham Lincoln

Of Course Ponders kid is named "Bowden Saint-Claire Ponder" after Bobby Bowden who goes by the name Scout. Scout comes from the racial story of To Kill a Mockingbird. 
Robert Bowden=60
To Kill a Mockingbird published in 1960. 

Ponder also a great fit for San Francisco.
Ponder=239 (Jewish)
Golden Gate=239 (Jewish)
Torah=239 (Jewish)
The Jews believe the Messiah will return through the Golden Gate. 
Last year we were in the 239th year of the US with Pope Francis' big visit on 23/9 to the Whitehouse. 

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