Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gerrit Smith The Secret Six and John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry.

I was telling a friend about the history of the area we live in last night..well early this morning.. He lives in Woodbine, Iowa and I live in Dunlap. They are separated by 10 miles. Anyway I was telling him how the article about the death of Chief Yellowsmoke was written by Gerrit Smith Stanton. He was at a Freemason's meeting in Dunlap and they saved the town from being wiped out by the indians after Yellowsmokes death. 
Anyway "Gerrit Smith Stanton"=87, 249 and went on to later become the mayor of "Woodbine"=42, 87
Eighty Seven=58, 139=Freemasonry

Anyway he asked me to look up the guy above Gerrit Smith. 
First thing I noticed was he was born on the 65th day of the year. 
Gerrit Smith=65, 146
He's known mostly for being Anti-Slavery. He even partially funded John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry. 
Anti-Slavery=65, 146

He also died 9 months 22 days after his bday so interesting we would talk about it on 9/22. 

Smith was a member of the Liberty Party which turned into the Free Soil Party. Interesting it says in 1847 he recieved 44 votes for nomination in the Liberty Party. John P Hale beat him but then dropped out. 
"John P Hale"=44
Free Soil=44
Smith was nominated Rump Liberty Party as it had dissolved into the Free Soil Party. 

Smith was 1 of 6 people who funded John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry in 1859. 
The were known as the "Secret Six"=59

This raid happening in the year 59' is fitting. 
Notice it's located on 77W as well. Gerrit Smith dies age 77. 

He was even involved with the pearl incident in which 77 slaves were caught. 
77 is interesting because it's the middle of the world Nigger. 
I've always wondered what the 77 has to do with it and still don't know, but it's definitely connected to racism. 
Motown came out in 59'
February=42  Only month to do so..Black History Month. 
February has the 42nd, 59th and sometimes 60th day. 
Nigger=42, 60
Frederick Douglass died age 77 in the year 95(59, 95)
Web Dubois died age 95. 
Book T Washington dies age 59. 
The Civil War came to an end on 5/9/1865. 

Notice John Brown dies age 59 in the year 59'. Even born on 5/9. 

John Brown=47
He dies 47 days after Harpers Ferry begins. 
Harpers Ferry=76  Notice it began on 10/16 the day that leaves 76 days in the year. 

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