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Connections between Teddy Bridgewater-Teddy Roosevelt-Huskers-Sam Foltz-Jackie Robinson-Gene Wilder and more

Teddy Bridgewater supposedly tears his ACL on 8/30/16 and will miss the season. 
I've been saying he is a big piece to the puzzle they are giving us. Dwayne Wades's Cousin dies the same day Kaepernick doesn't stand during the national anthem. Which was on the 1 year anniversary of of Bridgewater News Reporter shooting. There is a such a big connection to Prince/Minnesota/Nebraska/Louisiana/Miami that it's not even funny. 
Sam Foltz=112
Chicago Bulls=112
Nebraska's in its 112th season this year. 
Much more see my previous posts. 

I've mentioned how Obama went to Omaha and then Baton Rouge after his state of the Union many times. I said he gave a Speech at MCKINLEY High School in Baton Rouge. Then we got the death's of Alton Sterling/Philando Castile. 
Philando Castile was from Falcon, Heights, MN which is where TEDDY Roosevelt gave a famous speech about carrying the Big Stick when he was Vice President to William McKinley. 

He used the African Proverb: Speak Softly and carry a big stick. 
African Proverb=76  Sterling/Castile stories on 7/6. 
Speak softly and carry a big stick=116

Mckinley shot on Sept 6th the day that leaves 116 days in the year. 
African American=116
Nykea Aldridge=116

Anyway in my Dwayne Wade video I mentioned how 117 is super significant. Wade even born on 1/17, went to the Nebraska game on 9/5 that leaves 117 days in a year.  Nebraska upset Mich St last year on 11/7 the same weekend Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out when playing the Rams. Now he gets injured 2 days before playing the Rams in preaseason.   Get it..The Rams...Moses..
Anterior Cruciate Ligament=117 (ACL)
Moses=71=The Ten Commandments=Nebraska 
I also have previously mentioned the Buffalo Bills in regards to McKinley being assassinated in Buffalo at the Worlds Fair. 

Buffalo Bills=117
I mentioned the death of Kyle Calloway being a former Buffalo Bill/Iowa Hawkeye. Also Richie Incognito the former Husker playing for Buffalo.  Also the death of the Big Lebowski and Ralph's all showing us 1991. The Bills owner was Ralph Wilson. It was the first year the Bills lost in the Superbowl and the Minnesota Twins won the WS.  There's also a big native american theme. Check out my Calloway post, it's all about Yellowsmoke(Omaha Indian), Brandon Scherff a Washington Redskin.  Even Kaepernick sits against Green Bay whose lead receiver was Geronimo Allison. Baton Rouge named after the Houma people's Red Stick marking their hunting grounds. 
Native Americans=64
Falcon Heights=64

So I'm not sure what the whole point is, but it's fitting for Teddy Bridgewater to be a significant part of puzzle. 

Notice Bridgewater injured 2 months 11 days before his Bday. 
Remember Sam Foltz born on 21/1. 
He died 211 days after his final game(Foster Farms Bowl in Levi's Stadium...Where Kaepernick didn't stand up)
Also died 1 month 12 days before Nebraska's first game this season. 
Louisiana, Minnesota=211, 76
So much more in my previous posts just want to point out the connection. 
72 days is also interesting.
William McKinley=72
McKinley was the 25th president...Superbowl 51 is on 2/5?  

He got hurt 159 days before SB 51. Just interesting because I talked about Gene Wilder being connected as well. 
Jerome Silberman=159

Bridgewater also hurt 38 days after the Death of Sam Foltz. 

Also injured 131 days after the death of Prince(singer).
Prince Charles=131
Native Americans=1114(Jewish)
Prince Charles born on 11/14. 

Prince Charles Bday also 76 days after Bridgewater's injury. 

August Thirtieth=71
Gangrene=71(Mckinley died from)

11+8+20+15=54 (Hurt last year)

As I was thinking more about Teddy Roosevelt for some reason I remembered the Let Teddy Win stuff in regards to the Washington Nationals. It's a race they have with the Big heads of presidents at all the Nationals Home games. The Big joke was that Teddy Roosevelt never wins. Although he did finally in 2012. 

In regards to Minnesota winning in 1991, the Twins and Rangers also used to be the Washington Nationals at one point in their franchise. 

The Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos. Notice they are named after the Expo 67 the World Fair held there in 1967. McKinley assassinated at the World Fair in Buffalo. Roosevelt gave his speech at the State Fair in Minnesota. 
They even played in Olympic Stadium that was built for the 76' Summer Olympics. Just interesting considering we just had the 16' Olympics. 

As I was scrolling down looking at Washington National Info, I noticed they have this part talking about how they retired Jackie Robinson's number. The whole league did in 1997. 

Look at Jackie Robinson's middle name.  ROOSEVELT.
Notice he was born on 1/31 too. 
He dies age 53 which I just talked about in regards to "Nebraska"=53 and Gene Wilder.  Look at that....Jackie Robinson dies in Stamford, Connecticut where Gene Wilder died too. 

He broke the color barrier on a game the Dodgers won 5-3. 

Also he was born in 1919, the big year for Chicago...Black Sox Scandal, Race Riot, First major aviation crash and more. 
Jackie Robinson=145, 64
Chicago, Illinois=145
Turquoise=145 (Color used in Sterling/Castile also connect to native americans). 
Robinson also played for the "Brooklyn Dodgers"=76

Robinson also went to UCLA. UCLA is big in this coding to Nebraska in my previous posts. 
He also died in 1972. 
William McKinley=72
Bridgewater injured 72 days before his bday. 
Rachel Robinson=72(his wife)
Seventy Two=76
Seventy Two=42

Robinson's middle name even named after Teddy because he was born 25 days after Roosevelt died. 
McKinley the 25th president.   SB 51 on 2/5. 
It put's the 42 even more into perspective as well. 
Robinson wore # 42. 
Roosevelt became president age 42. 
I made a post about the plane crash in Virginia in August as well that connected back to a plane called the "Theodore Roosevelt" that happened 42 years after he died. 
83 people died on this plane. 
Football=83  Gene Wilder died age 83. 
He became president 43 days before his 43rd bday. 
Forty two=43 
It happened when Obama was 38 days old. 

Roosevelt also dies 71 days after his 60th bday. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=60

I also find it intersting Teddy=513(Jewish)
I've mentioned a whole lot about the foreshadowing of what I thought was possibly something happening on May 13th. 

Roosevelt Saved Football CNN Article
Roosevelt saved football and the Superbowl. haha go figure.
Super Bowl=131

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