Thursday, September 15, 2016

9 year old kills self over bullying-Carl Weathers-Beckley West Virginia

CNN gave us a story today about a 9 year old that was bullied and hung himself. 
This happened on Saturday though September 10th. 
Jackson Grubb=123, 42, 51, 60
Conspiracy=51, 123
Abraham Lincoln=60, 123
Maybe it's just me but go to CNN and watch the video, seems like no one is even really sad except maybe the grandma. 

Jackson Wyatt Grubb=212, 59
Nine Year Old=59
Abe Lincoln born on 2/12.
Prince Charles of Wales=212

This story seems to fit the same numbers I have mentioned a lot in regards to Nebraska. 
Notice the 1:17 video. 

He dies on the day that leaves 112 days in the year. 

Also dies 7 months 23 days after his bday. 
Sam Foltz dies on 7/23. 
Notice this kid was also born on 1/18. 

Also the 130...He dies 130 days before his bday. 

He was from "Beckley, West Virginia"=219
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219
Pope Francis turned 79 years old 219 days before 7/23. 

Another thing that stuck out in the interview on CNN is one girl called him "Action Jackson". 

I've mentioned a lot about the connections to Rocky/Apollo Creed. 
Also Carl Weathers seems to be connected to a lot of stuff. He's Chubbs in Happy Gilmore, Action Jackson who was connected to Vanity. We also got the death of Duke Evers who was Apollo Creeds/Rocky's trainer. 
Notice Action Jackson released on 2/12 just like the Kids name and Lincoln's bday. 

Notice in this film he is a Detroit Police officer. Also music written by Herbie Hancock. 
One of the main things in this movie is how Vanity is addicted to Heroine which makes me wonder if it's connected to the story about the people passed out in their car on heroine with the kid in the back. 
Rhonda Pasek=112 (Mom in the story)
Action Jackson also ends with the joke about Thanksgiving which I mentioned before has a huge connection to the film Rocky as well. 

Carl Weathers also played in the NFL until 1971 which of course is a big year I have mentioned in regards to Nebraska. 
Also notice he played for the BC Lions...interesting since we got the story of the Lion dying in Houston yesterday as well. Weathers even went to SF State, I mean this guy is perfect for a lot of what has been going on. 

Carl Weathers also born in 1948. 
Notice this kid dies 4 months 8 days before his 10th bday. 

Beckley, WV named in honor John Beckley who was born on 8/4 or 4/8 and died on 4/8 or 8/4. 
Nine Year Old=59
Jackson Wyatt Grubb=59
John James Beckley=59

Which means he also died 118 days before his 50th bday. 

Beckley, WV also founded by John's son Alfred. 
Notice he was born and died on May 26th. 
May 26th the 146th day that leaves 219 days in the year. 
How fitting for "Beckley West Virginia"=219. 
Alfred Beckley=55, 109
This kid dies on 10/9....10+9+20+16=55

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