Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chris Christie Bridgegate CNN Article Prince Charles?

We get this story today about Bridgegate and Chris Christie. 
Bridgegate happened on 9/9 to 9/13 of 2013. They closed down the George Washington Bridge to 1 lane and the didn't tell anyone. 

I just find it interesting this story back in the news considering I have mentioned a big theme is bridges.  Teddy Bridgewater injury connected to the Ben Franklin Bridge/Mormon Bridge. 
Chris Christie turned 51 years old 3 days before it happened. 

I love the fact that one of the people involved is named Bridget too. Bridge...Bridget. 

Not sure how it fits in but I  find it interesting this story comes out 1,114 days after Bridgegate began. Also 3 months 18 days. 
This is interesting as Prince Charles Bday is on the 318th day of the year 11/14 in a non leap year. 
Princess Diana his wife died on 31/8. 

Today is also 48 days before his bday. 
Prince Charles born in 1948. 
Charles II=48
Charles I died age 48. 
Forty Eight=133
George Washington Bridge=133
George Washington was born in Bridges Creek, Virginia. 


  1. Michigan State will wear black shoes and socks as well as a 6 on their helmets in memory of former Spartan linebacker Mylan Hicks, who was killed at a bar in Calgary this weekend. Hicks was playing for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL.

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    1. haha nice thank you for the info and the info on the previous posts. "Mylan Hicks"=43 like Mike Sadler. I'll try and look more at some of the stuff. Hicks dies age 23 just after Wisconsin gets the 23rd win and if you include the End Date he dies 2 months 3 days after Sadler. Thanks again.

    2. Where did you find that Michigan is going for their 44th win over Wisconsin? Just curious cause I found they are going for their 50th win?

    3. I meant to say Michigan trying to make Cryst 14-4 like 144 - they still show Wisconsin with 44 on their jersey now. You do bring a good point with the wolf theme and the ancient holiday of sacrifice though.

    4. Overall he is currently 33-22 coaching seems fitting after his big "33" win he lose to the wolf of "Jordan" for "23rd" loss maybe... Looks like if you currently minus losses from total all times wins for Wisconsin it equals "193" just like "63" you hit on the nose!

    5. One more thing - banner of Michigan player number "41" - 13th prime jumping up touching the go blue banner / article titled "the wolverine of wall street" like the wolf / like the movie - not sure what the message is here but ESPN.com loves hinting clues.

    6. Governer to meet with Nebraska player over anthem protest - side note