Sunday, September 4, 2016

Soccer Play Megan Rapinoe Kneels like Kaepernick

Today September 4th 2016 we get a story about a soccer player who kneels like Kaepernick. 
Megan Rapinoe=64, 118
Civil Rights=64
Baton Rouge=118 (Alton Sterling)
Dallas Texas=118 (police shooting)
 It also reminds me of Election Day 11/8 and Bridgewater being injured on Sam Bradford's Bday. 
Also in regards to 64.  Today's date can also be written as 4/9. 
Sixty Four=49  Think about Kaepernick's team..49ers. 
9+4+20+16=49 Notice the phrase in quotes...."Nod to Kaepernick".
Nod to Kaepernick=161, 71
American Civil War=161

Notice too they mention in the article "The Star Spangled Banner". 
The Star Spangled Banner=88, 223
Santa Clara Police Union=88, 223
The Synagogue of Satan=88, 223   
Church of Satan founded in San Francisco(Kaepernick). 

She plays for Seattle Reign, and her team tied 2-2 against Chicago Red Stars. 
Seattle Reign=54, 63 135 
Reign=53, 35=Nebraska
Chicago Red Stars=69, 150
Lincoln, Nebraska=150
Samuel Noah Foltz=150
Green Bay Packers=150 
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