Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Violence and Unrest, North Carolina Riots

So right now we are getting a story about a protest of a Cop shooting black man Keith Lamont Scott. 
Today is a perfect day for reporting of this story as it's 21/9. 
Baton Rouge Louisiana=219
Although it actually happened on 9/20 it's still interesting the story is coming out on 21/9. 
Violence and Unrest=102

Keith Lamont Scott=205, 61
Keith Scott=130, 40, 49, 58

CNN even giving us a 130 second video. 
Black Panthers=130
I mean seriously I've been showing this number a lot lately. Youtube gave my video a copyright claim about the Truth about Charlie that I put out on 1/30 and more.

The day of the shooting leaves 102 days in the year. j
Violence and Unrest=102, 75, 84, 201
Minnesota Vikings=102, 75, 84, 93, 201. 

I'll look more tomorrow, but I really need to go to bed before the sun comes up today lol. Tired as crap. 

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