Friday, September 2, 2016

New Copyright Claim on Old Video The Truth About Charlie Film and comment on Old Video While making this post

So I was just getting ready to start pounding out a bunch of video's on my posts because I actually have some time tonight. I checked my email though first and noticed I got a copyright claim on yet another old video. 

The video is about the Mark Wahlberg movie "The Truth about Charlie". I talked about the map in the beginning shows the location of Charlie Hebdo. 

I put this video out on 1/30/15. I mean so just now out of nowhere it gets a copyright claim? 
The Truth About Charlie=91
I get the claim today on 9/1.

The 46 and 91 remind me of the Cubs. 
Chicago Cubs=46, 91 
Notice they won today 5-4. Another big number around them. 

Notice this film came out on 10/25 which is the same day the WS begins this year. 

Today is 54 days before 10/25.  So Cubs win 5-4, 54 day before the WS. 
It's also day the 71st NBA season begins. 
Mark Wahlberg born in 1971
Charlie Hebdo happened Jan 7th or 7/1.  
Film made 7.1 million Box office. 

So as I'm making this post I get a message on another old video that I put out on 1/5/2015.  2 days before Charlie Hebdo. 

So once again, I'm not saying this person is bad or anything. They seem legit compared to when this happens other times. I always say there's something bigger going on that I think somehow is manipulated by the Elite. 
The video is about Steve Irwin. 
Steve Irwin=54
Pretty weird I get this message as I'm literally typing about the 5-4 with the Cubs. 
Irwin was the Crocodile Hunter which again reminds me of the boy being ate by the Alligator and the connections to where I live. 
The Crocodile Hunter=95, 203
Kerrie Orozco=203 (Omaha police officer)
This number started coming up after I made a Rocky Video and the cartoon that was on TV was playing the Rocky Theme hours after making the post. 
I get this comment on 9/2.
Orozco=92, She died 92 days after her kid was born. "Olivia Ruth Orozco=92 She dies age 29, from the 29th state(Iowa). 
Stephen Robert Irwin=238
Kerrie Orozco died 238 days before Obama went to Omaha on 1/13. 
Drayah Michelle Robinson=113, 230(commenter on Irwin Vid)
Michelle Robinson is Michelle Obama's maiden name too. Possibly a coincidence but still strange considering....I have a video on Michelle Obama and the number 54. "Michelle Obama"=54 even. 
Plus Michelle Obama born on 1/17 same day as Muhammad Ali/Dwayne Wade and almost all my posts in the last week involved this...

Dan Behrendt=95
Alligator=41, 95
Peter Pan=41, 95
Neverland=41, 95
Lane Graves=41, 68 (boy killed)
The town I live in located on 41N 95W. 
Dunlap=68  Famous for killing Omaha indian in 1868. 
Stingray=41, 113 (Irwin died of)
I put my video out on 1+5+20+15=41

Steve Irwin died age 44. 
Steve Irwin=144=Forty Four

How weird is it that the other part of my video I talked about Brittany Murphy. I just made a post a few hours ago talking about the deaths on my Mom's side of the family which is MURPHY. 

Brittani Murphy of course shares a bday of November 10th with me as well that I just mentioned in that post. 


  1. I believe Prince's death until 9/11 is 144 days... I put it together after learning from Prince's death to Teddy Bridgewater's injury was 131 days