Sunday, September 18, 2016

Minnesota Mall Attack-Trash Can Bombs-Charlie St. Cloud Cubs-Dodgers-Cardinals-Red Sox

Last night before I went to bed we got the story of a stabbing at the Minnesota Mall. 
Look at the video...I mean this dude is all happy about getting hurt he's smiling and giving a peace sign at the camera. 

St. Cloud Minnesota=204, 60
Minnesota Mall Attack=204, 60
Dahir Adan=60
Lincoln, Nebraska=60
Nebraska had 239 people die in the Civil War.  35 from war, the other 204 from disease. 
Some interesting 204's in my notes: 
Barack Obama Killed by Isis=204
Johnson Space Center=204
Houston Astros=204
Herbert Clark Hoover=204
Miracle on the Hudson=204
Thomas Jeffrey Hanks=204

I can't help but think of this movie as well. His brother in the movie who dies is named "Sam", which seems to be an important name as of lately.  Also think about Prince dying on Queen Elizabeth's bday. Prince from Minnesota.   CHARLIE has been very significant as well. Prince Charles, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(Gene Wilder), Charlie Sheen, Charlie Hebdo...etc... 
The actor who plays Sam St. Cloud's name even Charlie. 
Sam St. Cloud=127
Nebraska in it's 127th season. 
Charlie St. Cloud=60, 150=Lincoln, Nebraska

In the book Sam dies when they are on their way to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in 1991. How interesting in regards to CNN talking about this incident in connection with the Trash Can Bombings yesterday. Remember it was all about the Boston Bombing.  

In my post last night I even mentioned how the Red Sox beat the Yankees yesterday. 
1991 is very significant as well as I have mentioned with the death of the Big Lebowski there is as Ralph theme. 
Big Lebowski set in 1991
King Ralph came out in 1991. 
MINNESOTA Twins won the WS in 1991. 
1991 Superbowl was on 1/27 when the Bills lost to the Giants. 
Bills owner Ralph Wilson. Whitney HOUSTON sang the national anthem. 

The 1991 season which held the 1992 SB was even held in Minnesota.   Super bowl 52 will be in Minnesota. 
Crossroads Mall=52
Jason Falconer=52

Notice the Cop who shot the terrorist was also named Jason Falconer. Reminding us of Philando Castile getting shot in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. 
"Clearly a Hero"=60, 123=Abraham Lincoln

Philando Castile shot 2 months 11 days before this attack. 
Sam Foltz born 21/1  dies 211 days after his last game. 
Minnesota, Louisiana=211, 76

Police knew him? A city of almost 70,000 people and the Police knew him for minor traffic violations? 

Gotta love how they tell us St. Cloud is 65 miles from Minneapolis and a Population of 67,000. 
Prince born on 6/7...he died 67 days after Vanity. 
Alton Sterling=67
Philando Castile=67
Stories came out on 7/6 or 6/7. 

Notice how 9 people hurt and 1 person dead(perp).  
Dahir Adan=60

In the movie Charlie St. Cloud it says his brother died on June 12th 2005. His brother was a big Red Sox fan and they do show the night they are leaving the Red Sox playing the Yankees on the TV. They left in the 7th inning stretch. 

In real life the Red Sox beat the Cubs on 6/12/2005 and got their 33rd win. Notice they won 8-1. 

The Yankees lost to the Cardinals. 
The Dodgers beat the Yankees in the 1981 World Series. 
The 2005 MLB season the White Sox swept the Astros too. 
It was the White Sox first WS win in 88 seasons. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Remember my Steve Bartman post with all the 88 stuff. 
I know it's the White Sox but interesting another 88 connected to Chicago. 
I've also been mentioning just the Chicago connection in General and we just got the death of WP Kinsella who wrote Shoeless Joe the inspiration for Field of Dreams. 

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