Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wisconsin defeats Michigan State 23, 36, 63, 44

Wisconsin rocked Michigan State. I had a good feeling just before halftime when the game was still close they were going to win. They kept showing 23 stuff non stop.  Wisconsin was going for it's 23rd win against Michigan State all time.

If you read my previous post I said there is something special about the number 63...36 with Wisconsin. It seemed to be bad to me, but obviously not. 
Anyway notice the score of 30-6. 
306 is 36 in numerology as well. 

Another reason I started wondering and I didn't see before the game was Michigan State's starting LB was injured. He is # 30 and Michigan State currently has 30 wins against Wisconsin. 
They showed this stat too. Wisconsin's best rusher Corey Clement is averaging 6.3 yard/rush in his career. 

The 1st interception of the game was on 3 and 6.  Notice it was # 8 and the ball was going to # 11 on Michigan state.  
When they showed a bunch of 23 stuff that I will mention in a second the clock even stopped at 1:18 after Mich St. scored a FG. 

Wisconsin even called for their 1st penalty in 6 quarters. They made a big deal out of it too because they called it a "Disconcerning Defense".  Notice the time though 6:36. 

With 1:23 left in the first half Michigan St. kicked their 2nd FG. They got to the 23 yard line and made a 40 yard FG. 
This is the play that I was pretty sure I was wrong and Wisconsin was winning. 
Today was Dantonio's 123rd game coaching Mich St. Also Wisconsin going for it's 23rd win against Mich St. to become 4-0. Also it was 4th and 11.. 
Assassin=411   a number around death usually. 
After he made the FG the clock stopped at 1:18. 

So Mich St. stopped at the 23 yard line. Then after the FG the kick was ran back by # 23 Dare Ogunbowale of Wisconsin.  They ran 2 more plays giving him the ball, and then # 23 of Mich. St got hurt.  He only went out for 1 play then they zoomed back in on him showing us 23. 
Dare Ogunbowale=143
Paul Chryst=143
Chryst now has a 14-3 record with Wisconsin. 

Sam Foltz the Nebraska punter who died with Mike Sadler 1st played Wisconsin on his 23rd game. 
Notice Nebraska lost by 35 and was ranked 11th. 
Eleven=63 (Wisconsin ranked # 11 now) 

The 2nd and last time Foltz played Wisconsin was his 31st game. 
Wisconsin won with 23 points. 
11th prime is 31
Notice the Total score 23-21=44
Nebraska=44 (S exception). 

Endicott makes his first ever FG after a drive to the 23 yard line, and then his 41 yard FG to give them 23 points. 
He also wears # 37 and made the score 3 to 7 on his first ever XP attempt. 

This guy was the FG kicker for Wisconsin in the previous 3 games. Notice he's out of the game after 44 career FG's made. 
Remember Bart Houston lost his starting position after 44 completed passes this year. 
Paul Chryst=44

Wisconsin's first score was a TD catch by # 44. 

There was also this run fumble return for a TD by Musso of Wisconsin. 
It's a 66 yard return but notice the announcers say 63 yards. They also mention multiple times how he had 87 TD's in High School. 

Also it's interesting Wisconsin's star running back had 23 carries, but this game # 23 Ogunbowale was the lead rusher with 9 carries. I mentioned the 9 23 stuff in the previous post and also when # 23 on Mich St. was hurt they kept showing # 9 with him. 

I didn't get to watch the whole game as it thunderstormed and the Dish Network went out right as Mich St. fumbled the Punt and it didn't come back on until around 5 minutes left in the game. So possibly more stuff in the game that I didn't get to see. 



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