Saturday, September 10, 2016

Steve Bartman Incident, Bart Series(Earthquake) Bart Simpson 108 Back to the Future

So I had a comment tonight that made me think of the Steve Bartman incident. I had recently mentioned Bart Houston the QB for Wisconsin and the BART Series that had the Earthquake. I know I've talked about Steve Bartman before but just want to add a few things. 

The Earthquake the other day was 41 days before the 13th anniversary of the Steve Bartman incident. 
13th prime is 41
Steve Bartman=41
Renegade=41 (Shirt he was wearing). 
Forty one=46=Chicago=Chicago Cubs=Sacrifice

Steve Bartman was also sitting in seat 113. 
Look at the Bartman song video. It shows Bart Simpson with the 113. 

Steve Bartman incident happened in the Cubs 88th season at Wrigley. The Cubs had 88 regular season wins. 
After the Steve Bartman incident, the Marlins scored 8 runs in the 8th to win the game. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

Notice the voice of Bart Simpson Nancy Jean Cartwright. 
Nancy Jean Cartwright=88
Notice she was born on 10/25 which is the same day the WS begins in 2016. She's also born in 57..."World Series"=57
She will turn 59 that day but is 58 now. 
The Steve Bartman incident was 58 seasons after the Cubs were cursed. 

It even said she did minor voice work in Back to the Future II, you know where the Cubs sweep Miami. I've been saying it's still connected to this movie. 

Notice this movie is 108 minutes long. 
Cubs haven't won in 108 seasons. 
Willis Tower in Chicago is 108 stories tall. 
The 145th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire is on 10/8/16. 
Chicago Illinois=145
One Hundred Forty Five=108
108 double stitches on a Baseball.
Back to the Future III came out on the 145th day of 1990. 
Back to the Future=59
Fifty Nine=108

Of Course "Wrigley"=45  The Cubs Cursed in the year 45'. 
Cubs=45, Illinois=45, Miami=45  
Although it was Florida at the time. 
 Wrigley=99(Big way)
They missed the 99th World Series. 
One Hundred Thirteen=99

Marlins had 91 regular season wins that year. 
Chicago Cubs=91

The Cubs and Red Sox lost that year due to the Curses. They were both 5 outs away from making the World Series and lost in a Series going 7 games. 
World Series=57


  1. Did you know Vin Scully is 88 years old?
    Alot of 88's

    Maybe a Dodgers vs Cubs NLCS?