Saturday, September 17, 2016

Iowa Hawkeyes lose to North Dakota State Bison 23-21..Kyle Calloway

Iowa just gets upset by ND St. Bison. 
Notice the score 23-21. 
Iowa's record now 2-1. 
Interesting as well Iowa loses by "2". 
Two=13  Iowa was ranked # 13. 

Today comes 74 days after the reported death of Former Iowa Hawkeye Kyle Calloway. 
Why I find this interesting is Calloway was also a former Buffalo Bill....Think about it...Iowa loses to the Bison. 
I'm sure there's more to this game as well, as I'm working on a post of the death of WP Kinsella who died yesterday. Field of Dreams in Iowa. 
Iowa Hawkeyes=145
Kyle Calloway=145
Chicago, Illinois=145
Iowa Cubs...  Kinsella went to college at Iowa. 

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