Saturday, September 10, 2016

Suspect in Jordan Foltz Robbery. Lincoln County South Dakota

So I just made a Video about Sam Foltz brother being robbed during the Nebraska game last week. 
I mentioned how his name "Jordan Foltz"=141
I mentioned how it might be connected to the story of my Aunt's brother being shot in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as it was the 141st school shooting after Sandy Hook. 
Sam Foltz Brother Robbed

Anyway after I made the video today I wondered if they had found the suspect yet and of course they did. 

Scott Davis=33 Of course...
Notice he's 38 years old too. 
Also notice they caught him by the Gas Can Labeled Foltz on it. 
Gas Can=27 
Sam Foltz # 27
Interstate Eighty=79

What I find really interesting is the guy is supposedly from Lennox, South Dakota. Which is in Lincoln County South Dakota. The same county where my Aunt's brother was shot. I had mentioned that as Lincoln County/Lincoln Nebraska/Abraham Lincoln. 

Google maps says Lennox is 14.6 miles in every direction. 
146 is the number I often see with 56 and in regards to Philadelphia.
Allen Iverson=56, 146
Larry Brown=56, 146 
The Vermont Train Wreck I also mentioned in the videos was 146 days after the Philadelphia Train Wreck in 2015. 

I also wonder if it has something to do with the coordinates of this county being on 43N.  (43 stuff with Foltz). 
Founded on 12+30+18+67=127
Nebraska's in it's 127th season. 
Abraham Lincoln was also the 16th president. 
16th prime is 53. 
N=5 U=3
Mike Riley=53  Born in 53'. 
And So on...
Lincoln County=60
Lincoln Nebraska=60
Abraham Lincoln=60
Scott Davis=60 (V and S exception)

Lennox, South Dakota according to Wiki has a population of 2,111. Which in a way reminds me of the 112, 211 around Sam Foltz. 
Also says it's 1.31 Sq Miles. 
Remember the tribute to Foltz in the game was with 13:01  in the 1st. 
Lennox, South Dakota=66, 75, 84, 219
Baton Rouge Lousiana=84, 219

South Dakota the 40th state. 
Became a State on 11/2. 
Sam Foltz=112
Died 1 month 12 days before Nebraska's first game. 
Scott L Davis=36
South Dakota=36

So who knows, just found it interesting he's from Lincoln County SD and I just talked about the significance of it. 

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