Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kaepernick Jersey Top Seller, Chicago Cubs...Field of Dreams?

Number Seven Jersey=76
Today is 11 days after his original story. 
7  11?   11 7? 
Today is 9/6. 
Colin Kaepernick=74=Masonic

Also the story comes 58 days before his bday. 

I also noticed that Kaepernick was drafted 1,310th pick in the 43rd round of the MLB Draft 2009. He was drafted to the Cubs which is interesting with as much foreshadowing I've noticed to the Cubs. Also how he's connected to Dwayne Wade Cousin story connected to Chicago. 

This story also shows us Susan Sarandon tweeting she's getting a Kaepernick Jersey.  Notice it's at 11:11  11 days after he does this. We just got the story of the 11 year old boy in Minnesota found. He'd been missing since 1989.. He would be 38=Minnesota.  

Gonna have to go back and look at some of my old info, but Susan Sarandon is possibly a reference to Bull Durham which reminds us of Kevin Costner...Dances with Wolves(Lupercalia, Civil War)...Field of Dreams that predicted the Same City World Series in 1989 that had the Earthquake in San Francisco.  Movie came out on 4/21/89.  4/21 the day Prince died in Minnesota. Also they pick up Archibald Graham in Chisholm, Minnesota. 
Field of Dreams=117
James Earl Jones born on 1/17. 
James Earl Jones=147=World Series. 

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