Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Electric Chevrolet Bolt Goes 238 miles on a charge

Cnn had this article today about Chevrolet Bolt can go 238 miles on a single charge. 
I just want to document it as I've been seeing 238 a decent amount. 
Not sure of the exact meaning of it, but the Bridgewater Shooting was on the 238th day last year, and this year on the anniversary we got the Dwade Cousin Story and Kaepernick not standing. 
Philly trainwreck had 238 passengers. 
Baton Rouge has 238,000 Population. 
Philando Castile Video on CNN shortened to 2:38. 
There's more but like I said just found the headline to stick out. 

Chevy Bolt=112, 40
Chevrolet Bolt=58, 157
Electric Chevy Bolt=232, 97

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