Saturday, September 3, 2016

Vikings trade for Sam Bradford the former RAM-Nebraska-Oklahoma Connection and more.

This story is just great lol. It's fitting for what I just talked about last night in regards to all these interrelated stories. 

Samuel Jacob Bradford=71
All the 71's I keep mentioning.
Catholic=71  Remember Pope Francis went to Philadelphia last year and was supposed to bless Sam Bradford's knees.
Francis born 71 years after Lincoln assassinated.  

Bradford born on 11/8 which was the day Teddy Bridgewater got hurt against the Rams last year. Also the day Tara Reid was born. 

Espn gives us a 1:39 video. 
Samuel Bradford=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139
Sam Bradford=47, 56, 101
Chip Kelly=47, 56, 101
60 Chuck Bednarik and the death of Frank Gifford pt 1
60 Chuck Bednarik pt 2
Remember the death of Frank Gifford connected to Chuck Bednarik and the Eagles. He was all about 60. 

Chuck Bednarik also dies on AP's 30th bday. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=60
Abraham Lincoln=60
1960 was 56 years ago.  
I also talked about the connections Zaevion Dobson. His story all about 56.   
President=47, 56
Chuck Bednarik=56
Sam Bradford=56

Sam Bradford drafted to the RAMS, The team Bridgewater keeps getting hurt against and before. 
Bradford from Oklahoma as well, not Oklahoma State but still interesting how I just mentioned the OK ST. connection. 
Bradford also played college football with Adrian Peterson who is a Minnesota Viking. 

Peterson's senior year at Oklahoma was Bradford's Freshman year. Notice it was Oklahoma's 112th season. 

We also get Oklahoma vs Houston the day we find out Bradford going to Vikings. 
Oklahoma=33 lose to Houston who scores 33. 
Houston hosting SB 51. 
I also noticed today that Wisconsin's QB is named "Houston" as well. 
Oklahoma loses with a total score of 56 points the same day we get a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma. 
Also Nebraska and Oklahoma used to have a big rivalry. 

In 1971, Nebraska beat Oklahoma in what is known as the Game of the Century. Nebraska went on to win back to back championships as they beat LSU in the orange bowl the previous season. 
Of course "Nebraska"=35

Also Nebraska went on to beat Alabama in the National championship Orange bowl. Alabama won the National Championship last year.  Nebraska coach Mike Riley played for Alabama as well. His Freshman year was 1971. 

Sam Foltz...Sam Bradford? 

I've been trying to figure out how the Michigan Wolverines fit in with these connections as well. They are the Wolverines. Remember Nebraska connected to Teen Wolf, Mike Riley known for coaching Oregon State Beavers. The Mascot in the film is from Oregon State.

Jim Harbaugh played with the Colts/Bears/Chargers. 
I've mentioned how the Colts are connected because of the Miami stuff and 1971 also 192 and death of Sam Foltz. Bears connected to Chicago(Dwayne Wade and more)..
 When Harbaugh played for the San Diego Chargers his coach was  Mike Riley. Unbelievable. Kaepernick sits again during the Chargers game joined by Eric Reid who is connected to LSU and Nebraska. 

Michigan was up 35-0 at half. 
Notice they won by 60 points as well. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=60
The Total score 63+3=66
Michael Riley=66
Thirty Three=66

I've also mentioned how Iowa connects as well. Plus they played Miami, OH today. 
Notice the total score of 66 as well. 

I'll post more later... I haven't even finished watching the LSU game and I'm sure the Nebraska game will be loaded with goodies. 

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