Monday, September 5, 2016

George Bush born 7/6..Texas Tripleheader Espn story-Rudy Reuttiger and the death of Patty Duke

Last night I mentioned the significance of Jimmy Carter in regards to 9/19 and the Cuba stuff. 
I remembered George Bush was also born on 7/6. 
He's the 43rd president. 
Civil War=43
He's only the 42nd person to be the President though.. Obama is the 43rd person. 

George Bush=53=Nebraska

George Bush also well known for being a member of Skull and Bones. 
Skull and Bones=41, 149
35th prime is 149   Nebraska=35, 53, 71
Blackshirts=41 (Throw up the Bones)
Many more I've previously listed. 
Bush's Father also a Skull and Bones member who is known as Bush 41. 

George Bush also the president during 9/11. With all the 112 things coded into these events and we are getting a lot of events happening in other countries it's interesting. 
112 is the Emergency Dialing Code instead of 911 in most countries. 

He also used to partially own the Texas Rangers who we have been talking about a lot if Houston doesn't make the World Series. All of the Prince connections and retirement stories that lead back to them as well. 

We also got this story on Espn today all about Texas. 

Notice in the actual article they show the picture again and the only full name you can see is HOUSTON.  
Remember Wisconsin upset LSU. Wisconsin's QB named Houston. 
Houston upset Oklahoma.  
Houston is where Super Bowl 51 will be played on 2/5. Notice the picture with the Helmet up in front showing us 25 too. Yesterday's game was 5 months 1 day before SB 51 as well. 

Texas upsets Notre Dame last night. 
Civil War=97
Notre Dame the Catholic School.
Catholic=35, 71=Nebraska

Rudy Ruettiger also the class of 1976 at Notre Dame. 
Born 23/8. 
Notre Dame Fighting Irish=238
Rudy=68  Notice he is 68 years old right now. 

Rudy played by Sean Astin. Notice Rudy wore # 45, Astin is 45 and born in 1971. Also went to UCLA, the big Nebraska connection team.   If you recall his mother Patty Duke also died earlier this year. 

She died age 69. 
3+29+20+16=68 (Rudy)
She was also famous for portraying Helen Keller.  
Helen Keller died in 1968. 
Anna Marie Duke=117 
The Goonies=117
Anna Duke=71, 35=Nebraska=Catholic
Helen Keller=53
Remember 1968 was a big year as well. It was the year construction began of the World Trade center on Aug. 6th or 6/8/68. 
George Bush graduated from Yale Skull and Bones. 
911 made the emergency dialing code. 
It was 33 years before 9/11/01.  33 the highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. 
Barack Obama=68
Donald John Trump=68
Pope Francis=68
Prince Charles=68
Hillary Clinton is 68 years old right now. 

Notre Dame's final game during Rudy's senior year was even in Miami.  They won 32-9.  Interesting Patty Duke dies 3/29. 

The famous game Rudy played in was against Georgia Tech on 11/8. Notice the score on 24-3.  Remember Bridgewater hurt against the Rams on 11/8, then just before playing the Rams again on the 243rd day of the year and other 243's in that story. The reason I mention this is because now the Vikings have Sam Bradford who played for Oklahoma. Oklahoma won the national Championship to Michigan on 1/1/76.  They won in the Orange Bowl in Miami.   Also Oklahoma's only loss that season was to Kansas on 11/8. 

I also want to point out the Prince Charles stuff they keep doing in all of these stories.  Just notice the first paragraph shows us "Charlie, Charlie" stuff. 

Then we also get the Alabama vs USC game that was held in Arlington, Texas where the Dallas Cowboys play. 
Also Dallas is who lost to the Colts in 1971, the same year Nebraska beat LSU. 

Nebraska defeats Alabama in 1971 season that ends in 1972, Mike Riley's first year at Alabama as a player. 

So who knows, just posting some info I found interesting I may later build from. 


  1. Florida state comes back from down 22 scoring 33 unanswered points playing in Orlando / Disney stadium wins by 11

  2. I saw that thanks thoug. Plus total score was 45+34=79. 22nd prime is 79. "Orlando"=79 "Twenty Two"=39=Seminoles