Monday, September 26, 2016

Washington-Minnesota Mall attacks....Macy's-Macy, Nebraska...Omaha Indians-Westroads Mall Attack-Cloverfield

I haven't really looked at this Mall shooting but wanted to document a few things that may be significant in the future. I keep mentioning how the Omaha Indians/Native American stuff is being shown. 

This shooting happened at Macy's in the Mall. 

Macy, Nebraska is where the Tribal Seat of Government is located for the Omaha Indians. 
Macy=42  located on 42N 96W. 
Freemason=42, 96

This mall shooting comes 2 months 9 days before the 148th anniversary of Chief Yellowsmoke dying. 
Dec. 2nd leaves 29 days in the year. 
Cascade Mall=29

The Minnesota Mall Stabbing also involved Macy's as only the Stabber died. He died in Macy's in the Mall. 

Mall Attacks also remind me of the Westroads Mall shooting in Omaha. The shooter was Robert Hawkins like the guy in the movie Cloverfield. It was actually 44 days before the original movie came out too. 
Cloverfield WestRoads Mall Shooting Robert Hawkins

I've also mentioned Burlington, Vermont and how it was connected to my aunts brother being shot that connected to the Philadelphia Train Wreck. 

Who knows just want to document a few things in case something new comes along that goes with this. 

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