Monday, September 26, 2016

Death of Arnold Palmer...Beyonce Lemonade, Royal Family

I just posted about Les Miles being fired and the connections to Prince. Now we get Arnold Palmer dying..known as "The King". 

All I think about when I see this guy is his half and half Lemonade Tea and Golf. 
In regards to Lemonade and Palmer dying age 87 it reminds me of Beyonce's album "Lemonade" that came out just after Queen Elizabeth's Bday(Prince's death). 
Beyonce Lemonade Post
Queen Elizabeth II=168, 87
Beyonce Knowles=168, 69, 78
April Twenty Third=87
April 23rd was a special day in the coding as well. King Charles II's coronation was on 4/23 or 23/4. 
The English Civil War began on the 234th day of the year. 

That album came out 5 months 2 days ago  which reminds us of Princess Charlotte who was born on 5/2. 
Plus we just got the Charlotte Riots after Keith Lamont Scott. 
Keith Lamont Scott=205
Princess Charlotte=205
Of course Charlotte is the feminem for Charles and the Carolina's named after King Charles. 

Lemonade also reminds me of the commercial with everyone saying Ice-T and he's says read the sign it's Lemonade. 
Tracy Marrow=155

If you go from Princess Charlotte's bday to today it's 4 months 23 days or also 146 days. 
Prince of Wales=146
United Kingdom=146

Today is also 134 days before Queen Elizabeth II's 65th anniversary of being Queen. 
King Charles III=134
King Charles II also died on 2/6 1685. 

Interesting today is also 1 month 20 days before Prince Charles bday. 
King William=120

Arnold Palmer also dies in Pittsburgh which I find interesting as the Philadelphia Eagles destroyed them today. 
The Fresh Prince is from Philadelphia. 
Philadelphia Eagles=87

The name Arnold even means "Eagle Power". 

Palmer dying age 87 also could be connected to Hillary Clinton. Clinton=87
Notice it's 1 month 14 days before election day. 
4/23 was the 114th day of the year. 
Remember Les Miles got fired after 114 wins at LSU
Palmer died "Fifteen Days"=114 after his 87th bday. 
One Hundred Fourteen=95, 212
Prince Charles of Wales=95, 212

I also mentioned 129 in my post about Les Miles. 
Arnold Palmer=129
The King=38, 74
There's a lot of interesting 129's as well. 
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton=129
President Barack Hussein Obama II=129
Super Bowl  LI(L=12, I=9)
We Have Prepared Now we Strike"=129
Ninety Five=129 (Prince Philip is 95 years old.)
Philip actually turned 95....107 days ago..."King Charles"=107

Of Course Palmer was a Freemason since 1958 too. 

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  1. Date of 2/5 also was "Prophecy" day - church of Philadelphia - Philly Eagles