Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nebraska vs Fresno St.-Dwayne Wade Gabrielle Union. 43, 53

Look who is at Nebraska's opening game again...
Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union. 

Dwayne Wade is wearing # 3, Union # 21. 
2/13 the first day of Lupercalia. The Roman Festival where they celebrate and sacrifice the wolf. I keep mentioning the Teen Wolf connection. 

Twenty One, Three=71, 197
SF Twenty Seven=197

Union, Wade=43
Sam Foltz dies 43 days ago. 
Mike Sadler=43 
Fresno State=43
Civil War=43
See my original post on this in July. 

Dwayne Wade attended his first ever Nebraska game exactly 53 weeks after getting married to Union. 

They also showed this in the game. That Reilly and Gerry are suspended for this first game. 
Nathan Gerry=59, 131
Brandon Reilly=68, 149
Championship=68, 131
Interesting I never saw that before. 

With 2:22 in the 2nd Quarter Luke Gifford gets ejected for targeting. I just posted at the connection between Chuck Bednarik and his hit on Frank Gifford and the 60's connections. 
Luke Gifford=60
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222

So I didn't watch the rest of the game as I left and the place I went to didn't get Big 10 Network. Hopefully watch it tomorrow. Did too many shots and can't focus right now, but look at the final score of the game. 
How fitting Nebraska would score 43 points 43 days after Sam Foltz dies against "Fresno State"=43 and more. 
Forty Three, Ten=71 
Also 43+10=53

Nebraska was up 34-10 and decided to go for 2 instead of kick an extra point....Now what exactly was the logic of this? There was 9:50 left in the 4th. If they kick an XP they go up 25 instead they go up 26. If FS gets 3 TDs and 3 Two Point conversions it's 24 points. So either way they could still win with a FG so it doesn't make that much sense for Nebraska to go for 2. It was only because they needed 43 points at the end. 
It was also # 2 who scored the 2 points lol. 
The TD was Armstrong #4 from the 4. 

Look at that. The first time Nebraska has to Punt they send out 10 players in honor Foltz. Notice the time on the Clock. 13:01. 
I'm pretty sure Nebraska is telling us the Colts will be in the Superbowl as well. 
4th and 4?   Kill=44
Foltz dies in Wisconsin. 

Ten Men=71

Also how does the clock even get down to 13:01. Notice the play clock? Shouldn't the clock have stopped at 13:04? 
Clock Video   Watch this link.... Watch how the Clock skips and starts going faster for a few seconds. 

There was even another stop of the clock because a targeting on Nebraska with 1:27 left in the game. 
Nebraska's in it's 127th season. 


  1. Off topic.
    I read your work on the civil war and SB50. Do you think the civil war is being used in the coding of the world series.
    Civil war ended 151 years ago. Texas Rangers = 151. It ended on may 9th. The rangers have a player born may 9th, and not just any player, it's Prince Fielder.
    Prince Fielder = 79. Civil war = 97

  2. Crap I hope Texas doesn't pull it off but it would make sense with Prince Fielder retiring early and being owed $106 million...Dan what makes you think Nebraska is showing Colts in the Superbowl, I believe they will be too but I'm curious of that connection?

  3. Im still playing around with this but i think it's foreshadowing a texas loss in the playoffs against Boston. Massachusetts played a big part in the anti slavery movement before the civil war. Anti slavery = 47. Which is like 4th July. Boston beat texas 12-5 on the 4th July. It's also will smiths birthday. Will smith = 125. Boston entered that game on 44 wins. Will smith also = 44. Still got work to do on this but I think I'm on the right track.

    1. I could see that but boston hasnt had any narrative in the headlines cept for Big Poppi leaving...Today is 5 months 1 day before super bowl 51...keep an eyenon the Twins final