Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hs Football player dies 2 days after injury 48

CNN puts this story up about a HS football player dying 2 days after he got injured in a game. He was injured on 9/23 and died on 9/25 and CNN puts an article out today on 9/27. 

The reason I believe this story is even mainstream is because he was # 48. A big number this year in regards to politics and the royal family themes. 
Notice he got hurt on 9+23+16=48 as well. 
Notice the team was the Panthers as well. 
Panther=38, 101
Euclid, Ohio=56, 101 (His town). 
Panthers reminds us of the Carolina Panthers and Black Panthers as well. 

The reason we got a 1:33 video as well is because of 48. 
Forty Eight=133

Today also 48 days before Prince Charles Bday. 

Euclid Panthers=65, 73, 155
Peritonitis=64, 73, 154 (what he died from)

Andre Jackson=43, 52, 61, 115

I'm sure there's more stories with 48 today as well and I'm also interested to see when this kid's bday was. Just can't find it right now.  

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