Saturday, September 17, 2016

Death of WP Kinsella...Field of Dreams

How interesting is that? The guy who wrote Shoeless Joe which was the inspiration for Field of Dreams dies yesterday 9/16/16. 
I've recently been posting on Field of Dreams and Kevin Costner and talking about the 1989 WS that was connected to it. 

WP Kinsella=41
Field of Dreams=63
William Kinsella=63

He even went to Iowa University. Iowa lost the super rigged game today to the ND St. Bison. 
For almost a year I've mentioned how Iowa is connected to the Chicago Cubs in some weird way other than just the Iowa CUBS. 
Iowa Hawkeyes=145
Chicago Illinois=145
Notice WP Kinsella born on the 145th day of the year. 
Also Field of Dreams is connected to Chicago as it's about the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. 
Last year there was the Military Blimp story that was connected to Iowa and Chicago.  
The first major aviation crash ever was a blimp crash in Chicago in 1919. 
There was also a race riot in Chicago 1919. 
Teddy Roosevelt died in 1919. 
Roosevelt died age 60.  
Remember Kyle Calloway the former Iowa/Buffalo Bill player was reported dead 60 days before Iowa's first game. He wore # 60 at Iowa. "Sixty"=34, 97  "Hawkeyes"=34, 97
Kyle Calloway=145
Iowa loses their first game to the BISON-think about the Buffalo Bills connection. 
Field of Dreams=117
Buffalo Bills=117
Joseph Jefferson Jackson=91=Chicago Cubs

Possibly come back to this, but I got a  lot of other stuff to look into today. 

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