Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sheep Runs across Minor League Game Curse of the Billy Goat Foreshadowing?

On August 25th in a Minor League baseball game there was a Sheep that ran onto the field. It looks like a Goat and the announcers say it's a goat and then eventually change and say it's a Sheep. Still very interesting in regards to The Curse of the Billy Goat that is cursing the Cubs. 

The guy batting when it happened was Elier Rodriguez. 
Elier Rodriguez=91  (A Liar?)
Chicago Cubs=91

The Spikes were playing the Muckdogs. 

Spikes won 15-3. 
State College=43
They got their 43rd win. 

If you include the End Date this game was also 43 days before the 71st anniversary of the Curse of the Billy Goat. Also 1 month 12 days. This year will be the 112th WS. 
Batavia got their 46th loss.    
Chicago Cubs=46

I know Batavia is actually the Batavia, New York but it reminds me of the Chicago Suburb of Batavia. I've talked about this place before in regards to the FermiLab and Mary Todd Lincoln. Notice the elevation is 666 ft. 

Batavia, Illinois even named after Batavia, New York by Isaac Wilson. 

Interesting the WS this year will begin on the 68th anniversary of his death. 

Batavia also the team who won the Minor League Title in 1945, the same year of the Curse of the Billy Goat. They are now the team affiliated with the Miami Marlins which reminds me of Back to the Future and how the Cubs were supposed to beat Miami. 
Batavia was also affiliated with the Detroit Tigers until 1971.  The team the Cubs lost to in the 1945 WS.  1971 was 45 years ago.  

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