Friday, September 9, 2016

A little Houston History and the Death of Whitney/Bobbi/Bobby Brown/Houston Super Bowl 51

Since so much coding has been going on that seems to point to Houston, I figured I'd look at some history of Houston. 
It's named after Sam Houston. He is famous for victory at the Battle of San Jacinto which gave Texas independence from Mexico. It was the end of the Texas Revolution. 
Sam Bradford, Sam Foltz, Sam Houston? 
Samuel is also known as a Judge in the bible. Think about how that connects to Moses and some of my previous posts. 
Also the IAM stuff in regards to the Invictus games in Orlando. Remember the boy ate by the alligator in Orlando connected back to the Battle of Buena Vista that was part of the Mexican-American war that had a big part to do with the annexation of Texas. 

Notice this battle was on 4/21/1836.  So the 112th day of the year. 

Houston incorporated on 6/5 as well. 
The battle of Buena Vista was led by "Zachary Taylor"=65 and only president to die age 65. Remember the last time someone got ate by an alligator before the boy in Orlando was a guy named Zachary Taylor on 6/5/16. 

Sam Houston=37, 46, 55, 145
Chicago Illinois=46, 55, 145
Houston, Texas=46, 55, 64, 181

Along with the high african american population Houston seems fitting because of the Space Center. "Houston we have a problem". 
Notice it's named after Lyndon B Johnson. 
Lyndon B Johnson=64, 181
He died age 64. 
He was president during the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964.
Civil Rights=64
Houston, Texas=64, 181
2017 will be 181 years after the Battle of Jacinto. 

The Space Center also named after him on 2/19.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219  A very special number in regards to a lot of stuff. 
Apollo=26, 71
Apollo Thirteen=71, 170=World War Three
Just interesting in regards to the Moses/Nebraska stuff. 

Also Both years Michael Jordan was retired the Houston Rockets won the NBA Finals. Well Jordan came back the 2nd year but still the team in between the 3 peats. Also Jordan lost in 95' to Orlando, who the Rockets beat in the Finals. 
Orlando Magic=112
The 112th prime is 613 also which reminds me of the day Lebron was wearing the Undertaker Shirt. 

Houston Independent School district has 112 campuses.

Pry a lot more. Just wondering what the big deal with Houston is? Prince's death was connected to a Moon Theme and Houston popular for Space themed stuff so who knows. 

Even Whitney Houston died on 2/11 or 11/2. 

If you include the End date she even dies 181 days after her bday. 
Some other interesting 181's in my notes: 
Barack Hussein Obama II=181
William Harrison=181 (1st prez to die in office)
New York Giants=181
Scott Norwood=181(Reason the Giants won SB)
Oklahoma Sooners=181
Wisconsin Badgers=181
Republican Party=181
"Message to Mr. Trump: Why I climbed your Tower"=181
Los Angeles Dodgers=181
Ann Kathleen Behrendt=181 (My Mom..recently used her in the code)
181 is the 42nd prime number.  (Freemason)

Bobby Brown will turn 48 years old the same day Super Bowl 51 will be held in Houston this year. 
Whitney Houston dies age 48. 

Their Daughter Bobbi Brown dies on the same day as Sam Houston just 153 years later. 

You know as I think back on it too. I remember talking about the Movie The Bodyguard as Kevin Costner's character was a secret service agent who was off duty during the Reagan assassination attempt. Bobbi Kristina found on 1/31. 
John F Kennedy=131
This year will be the 53rd anniversary of his death. Think about all the Nebraska Civil War Coding I have mentioned. 
Whitney Houston dies on 222nd day. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Superbowl 51 will be exactly 2 years 5 days after Bobbi Kristina found in the bathtub. The SB is on 2/5. 

Remember Bobbi Kristina dies 144 days after her bday. 
Whitney dies on 8/9 that leaves 144 days in the year. 
144 is the number around political assassinations. 

Kevin Costner has been played a big role in this coding as well. 
Remember we got the death of Chief David Bald Eagle this year too. 
I just made a post about Brandon Bourbon and how the Youtube comments were showing me something. 
Brandon Bourbon=155
His sister comments and says he actually died 155 days prior to the comment. 
Kevin Costner=155
Yellowsmoke=155 (Native American my town killed) Coster plays Jim Garrison on JFK who is from where Yellowsmoke Park is. 
Dances with Wolves..The Civil War theme also Bald Eagle famous for. 
It's been 155 years since the Civil War began. 
David Bald Eagle Jr.=117
Bald Eagle born on 4/8 which was the same day Brandon Bourbon reported dead. Bald eagle dies age 84. 
Michael Richard Pence=155 (VP candidate)
His bday was the same as Prince(singers) bday. 
6/7 to Election day is 155 days. (Pence, Prince bday). 
Oakland Athletics=155 (Won Earthquake Series predicted in 1989 Field of Dreams). 
Roc A Fella Records=155 (ODB). 

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