Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mick Jagger needs medical Treatment story-Maroon 5/SB 53-Paint it Black-Blackface-Virginia Makes Final 4

This story comes 55 days after the Super Bowl and 118 days before Mick Jagger's bday. 
Remember Maroon 5 played the Halftime show and they have the song "Moves like Jagger". 
Maroon Five=55, 118

This story comes 84 days before the anniversary of Moves Like Jagger single being released. 
Moves Like Jagger=84
Mick Jagger=84

Mick Jagger=166(Franc Baconis) also 186
Both numbers that have been important lately. 
The Song Paint It Black and the possible connection to BlackFace
I also even mentioned the Rolling Stones back in February with the Black Face narrative going on and the song Paint it Black. 
We get this story of Mick Jagger the same day Virginia makes the Final Four and the same weekend that Duke loses. 
Black Face=55
Paint It Black=55, 118
Virginia Cavaliers=118

The Tour that was cancelled is called the "No Filter Tour"=173
Jagger's bday was 173 days after Super Bowl 53. 
No Filter=310(Jewish)

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  1. The 2019 NFL Draft will be the 84th annual meeting of National Football League