Friday, March 22, 2019

August 10th and 11th and the connection to Ethiopia/France/San Francisco/Synchronicity-310-Francis of Assisi reading Psalm 141 before his death-Walls/Bridges

I was reading through Zach's blog and I saw this post about Clare of Assisi dying on August 11th. Anyway I left this comment as I have been saying since November France/Frank/Pope Francis/Francis of Assisi are important. 
I have recently been on the 310 thing and I remembered that "Saint Francis of Assisi"=310 and he died on 3/10. 
Haile Selassie=227
Francis of Assisi also died while reciting Psalm 142, but it was Psalm 141 in the Septuagint. 
141st prime is 811. 

What's so interesting is that I brought up a bunch of stuff about August 10th because it is super connected to everything that's been going on. I have recently been seeing the number 210 a lot but not documenting it. Of course my computer had to be restarted so I can't even look at the list on Gematrinator now either...but I saw another one today when I first got on the computer so I knew there was something significant about it. 
It's funny I mentioned Derek and the Gematrinator going down on 1/12 as well because it was 210 days before August 10th. 
Also a long time ago I mentioned how there was a theme of doing things the day before instead of the day it's coded too. 
Notice "The Day Before"=210 as well. 
Plus the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarcy on 8/10 this year. 
The Gematrinator goes down on 1/ the emergency dialing code in most parts of the world. 1-1-2. 
San Francisco, California=210

Golden Gate Bridge=810 which seems more fitting to me as well. 

In regards to all of this being important to the Indians vs Cubs stuff I have been saying forever is important to what I am seeing....I see that the Cubs beat the Indians 1012 days before August 11th 2019. 
Remember how 1012 was really important to my Uncle Barney dying who was a Cubs fan. 
Also in 2018 the Indians got knocked out on Christopher Columbus Day and the number 1012 was important to all of that. Columbus supposedly discovered America on 10/12. 
I swear that's why I was supposed to see the story of the Nebraska flood guy dying. He was from "Columbus" Nebraska. "Nebraska Cornhuskers"=222. That guy died 2 months 22 days after his bday. 

Gematria Effect News=810 also 81, 180
Golden Gate Bridge=81
Golden Gate=180
Just search my blog for "810" and you will see what I am saying. 
August Tenth=156, 141
August Tenth Two Thousand Nineteen=156
156th prime is 911. 
Tisha B'av=911
It begins on the night of August 10th. 

August 10th is also important to Ethiopia as the Zagwe Dynasty was defeated and the Solomonic line of Emperors was restored on August 10th by Yekuno Amlak. 

I see too that "August Tenth"=310(Franc Baconis)
Thinking about FRANCe...Franc Baconis. 

Also think about Haile Selassie's reign ending on 9/12 as well. I just documented about seeing Austin Tasich at the store and how it's connected to 8/10. I found out his bday now and it's 9/12. 
Remember how I had synchronicity with him on 2/27 too. 
Oddly enough I found this out by searching his name and it popped up with the Sex offender list in the county I live in. The reason I'm pointing this out is because another guy I know is on the list, but I never knew about it. It was from 15 years ago and I'm not sure of what happened but his name equals 912. 
The Lion Air crash was 9 months 12 days before 8/10. 
August 10th being World Lion Day during the time of Leo. Haile Selassie born on the first day of Leo. Selassie the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 
Lion Air 610 + Ethiopia Airlines Flight # 302=912

It just seems to me that August 10th and August 11th are both really important. 

Also remember how August 10th was synced to the Birth of my son on 1/17. "Bridge"=117. Zamien=585 the big earthquake number...
My Uncle Clancy died in connection to 624/810 and so did my Grandma. Plus his son Timmy's wife also just had the death of her father on 2/17.(48th day). I didn't document about it, but it was by the numbers as well(35 days after his bday and his name equals 35). Anyway with the Flooding they just had their basement foundation wall blow out causing a huge amount of damage.(terrible year for them). I even made the joke that it's a good thing Trump wants to build the wall, but I didn't realize her dad died on the 48th day of the year. 
Christians don't build Walls they build Bridges....there is a link between these 2 things. 
So the deaths of their dads is significant to how these are connected. Clancy died on the 107th day.."Bridge"=107(Jewish). "Earthquake"=107
Clancy also died 480 days before 8/10. 
Dan Behrendt=480(satanic)


  1. You made this post on the 81st day of the year.

  2. June 16th is the 219th anniversary of the end of the French Revolution. the highest paid female soccer player in the world is Marta of Brazil born 2-19. The day of the final she will be 12191 days old. Trump announced his candidacy on June 16 2015 the 215th anniversary of the end of the French Revolution. Women's World Cup in France. Zach mentioned Prince recently. The World Cup begins June 7th which wouldve been Prince's 61st bday. Prince died at 57. Tupac died on the first day of the Hebrew year 5757. Moon = 57, 210. something i noticed about 210 just today is that it's the 20th triangular number. Death = 20.